Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Enlightenment and modernity are our future (#2910)

     What I like to refer to simply as the "space era". We are ready to lift off our planet more frequently with technology that is incredible and sophisticated. I do believe that this is why republicans are so hell bent to stop us. They are too lazy to learn what it takes to live in a modern society that doesn't have the advantages and privileges their prejudices have become accustomed. They would rather fall back into some bastardized form of religion in order to keep the status quo. But their intransigence notwithstanding, we are going into our space era future despite them.
     Oh they will have their last throes of tantrums in the form of trying to destroy what is left of our great nation but not even their destructive ways will save them from the inevitable force of intelligence. I know I have often been gloomy since our last election but it seems that the American electorate that did not vote to destroy our way of life and even some who did are now focusing on making our voices heard in no subtle way, which has given me a rise in hopeful spirit. The great American electorate, voters and non voters alike, are beginning to awaken to the drama we are about to enter.
     The idea that we would not have some of the modern technologies at our fingertips is startling. As republicans wish to change the rules of our society from freedom to subjugation, all are now realizing the sudden and misguided republican agenda and the vast majority are not approving. The ease of our lives is dependent upon government representatives that work as the voice of it's citizens and not as the masters of them. Yet that is our immediate future with republican control. I have always had faith in our society to do the right thing and although we took several steps back this last election we are now fully becoming aware of it and making plans to stop and move forward again.

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