Monday, January 23, 2017

I will never consent to the theft of our democracy! (#2915)

     For those of you who are all to willing to make friends with the republican party despite their cavalier efforts to overthrow democratic principles I say shame on you for not standing up and fighting for all of us. Why do some of you think it is okay to let the rapers and pillagers off without fighting back to protect that which is ours, not theirs? Why? Out of some sense of polite and proper civilized acceptance? I for one will never allow the thieves and liars an inch of respect or cooperation. One of us won't survive but not both! This is the time for saving our nation as a democracy and for you who think we should let the will of the republican party have it's way, disgusts me to no end!
     Republicans literally stole this last election and you want to validate them as if they were honorable and noble. They gerrymandered districts so that republicans were assured of victories in the House of Representatives and in the districts they packed all the democrats they made it difficult to register for the vote and to actually vote. Where republicans had control over states they purged voter rolls to benefit republican politicians while subverting individual rights of democratic voting citizens. While the republicans enjoyed the majority on our supreme court they passed laws that benefited wealthy republican donors so that the media could be controlled by republican narratives filled with confusion and lies.
     Those of you who want to now lay to rest the results of this last election without any emotion aimed at how the results were arrived at are cowards of the worst sort. You roll over and let republicans bully you because your fear is too great. Well, your fear is your downfall and if you want what is left of your life you had better find a way to overcome your fear and being known as cowards and stand to fight. America the brave is not so brave after all is it?

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