Friday, January 20, 2017

No remorse, no forgiveness (#2912)

     Let's just set aside the no forgiveness part for a bit and focus on the no remorse part. Having acted badly in my own life I finally had to come to the crossroad where I either changed to a new behavior or old behavior would have ended me. It was at that point where I had lost hope and the will to modify my old behavior in ways that would have helped me stay alive. So it was either all change or let the ride continue down the slope of my ending. There was no reward for my bad behavior and for that I am grateful. If there had been a reward for my bad behavior I wouldn't be here today. So accepting my change and becoming a better human, and the humility that came with it, served as my foundation to try to ameliorate what damage I had already caused.
     The same parallel can be drawn now with our new president. However the difference here is that his bad behavior has rewarded him. In my case I knew I was not going to make it if I didn't change and life would be much harder and more punishing to me for keeping my old behavior. Yet, we Americans have chosen to reward awfully bad behavior with the most noble of jobs in America. Not only will I not accept the outcome as a "good thing" but it is actually an enabling outcome for him. He will take this reward as a sign that his bad behavior is not a bad thing and himself not in any way needing to be remorseful. You do get that right? So now the no forgiveness part.
     For the life of his occupancy in our nations most trusted and honored job, trump will get nothing from me. Absolutely nothing. His bad behavior is not to be rewarded in any way since not only does he not improve his own life and those around him but for the rest of us in this nation we will feel the absurdity and suffering from his leading us as not a leader but as a nasty brutish man who has no moral compass to fall back on. This will be the toughest part of my life and for many the harshest part they ever imagined. I feel sorry for us that overall we were shallow enough as humans to reward criminal behavior with prestige. Well I for one won't forgive him!

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