Sunday, January 29, 2017

No respecting the illegitimacy (#2921)

     No, there will be no giving of chances. Once one has declared themselves as dirty low down despicable human being, there is no mercy. Mercy may only come about where there is evidence of remorse, otherwise there is only one course of action to follow and that is the utter defeat of those who would be a scourge to civilized society. Not all are meant to be enlightened enough to understand basic human respect. There are those who are born without empathy toward our or any other species. There are those who choose to ignore their empathy toward our and any other species. Those are the ones who have no business being leaders in society.
     Unless a whole group of like minded semi-sociopaths create a path for public office for one of their own, a path that is strewn with the remnants of democracy, then at least there will be no legitimacy. So forward we go into a very uncertain near future that I hope will not destroy our future altogether. I will not stand by and shrug my shoulders and accept what is happening. There is no legitimacy in this current presidential administration. It is a coup of sorts perpetrated upon us by a republican party and their wealthy donors who perpetrated vote suppression tactics, and see America as theirs and not as ours. I am personally sickened by what has been allowed to happen. We have men in high office who cannot see the destruction they are doing to the idea of democracy.
     These men, republicans, are not of a diverse and varied background to understand the brilliance of the melting pot concept. Nor are they filled with a gravitas that is built upon wisdom. We are beset by men who think they know more than they ever will and there is no easy way to keep these men from maintaining public power and then using public power as a cudgel to divide and conquer the majority of us citizens. The stench of their agenda is now in the air for all to inhale. There are no more backroom ulterior motives being bandied about. They are front and center in our lives now and how we respond will dictate whether we ever do get back to being a democracy.

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