Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Republicans suppress voter turnout and will never get my support (#2903)

     This is not some baseless claim. It has happened and continues to happen where republicans control the political power in too many states. The aim is clear. They know their policies are not suited for the American working middle poor class, which is the majority of voting Americans, so they work to make voting hard for we folks. Now some republican voters are caught in their traps but mostly it is democratic voters who are denied their franchise of voting. Through strict identification laws that make it difficult for minorities, the elderly, students and the poor to acquire the "valid" identification republican lawmakers have made necessary to prove that the one voting is the one who's name is on the voting rolls. there have only been a handful of voter fraud cases brought up over the last several decades,
     Republicans do not hide that they are trying to obstruct voting for those they deem not American. They argue that there are too many who could be gaming the voting system. How ironic, since it is republicans who are gaming the voting system by deny upwards of millions of citizens of their right to vote, What we are facing here is the republican party doing all it can to deny democracy to American citizens. So when their candidates are elected they are elected by a system they have rigged. I will not tolerate such acts of treachery and for those who say we should get behind the winning candidates I say to them that they are cowards for letting the cheaters prosper.
     Republicans cheat, lie about it, and steal our right to a free and open election. They are cowards who are trying to deny our liberty to vote in our democracy. What will we do about this? Shall we fight against them and make them pay a price worthy of their treachery? Or will we cower in the dark afraid that they may harm us even more. Ashamed is what we should be for allowing them to do this and the only way to stop the shame is to stop the republican party.

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