Saturday, January 14, 2017

Taxation without representation (#2906)

     The incoming excuse for a president suggested that states that voted for him would receive special attention from him in the form of jobs, security and services, We all pay into the federal tax system and those of us here in California, which rank 46th overall out of 50 states in federal dependency, with 1 being the most dependent,, and are a deep blue state that did not vote for Trump are asking ourselves since we are already a donor state in the terms of paying more in federal taxes per dollar than we receive back in benefits and are now going to be targeted even further for not voting for Trump?
     The worm is about to turn and we Americans who are being disadvantaged because of our vote is enough to take notice that our representation is not equal nor cared about. Taxation without representation comes to mind and in that sense we are heading right back to why we even had a revolution to begin with. Although Great Britain was our instigator it now seems that the republican party and it's leaders have taken Great Britain's role. The cause is irrelevant when the effect is the same. I know I will not tolerate being treated any less like any one else in America.
     So here we are at a crossroads with a heavy decision to make. Will we allow a far less than majority voted for president and his gerrymandered and vote suppressing political party treat us as objects instead of humans? I say no we won't and the actions going forward should be to gird ourselves for a confrontation that we must never stand down from. If we do not protect our line in the sand then no one else will and we will surely become fodder for the cowards that think they are alpha.

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