Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The hypocrisy of the republican party (#2923)

     Where to start. Let's start with trump's wives. 2 of the 3 of them were immigrants. I will just leave that alone and let it stand out as it's own example. But I will say this, if you are white and a good looking woman you can relax as to being included in the immigration ban no matter where you are form with republicans. Next is the overwhelming Christian vote he got during this last election. Now no one would ever have accused Mr. pussy grabber of being a disciple of Christ yet his lying, thieving and cheating were not enough to dissuade Christian voters from calling him their man. So not only is the republican party full hypocrites it is now established that the Christian community is as well.
     Now for the republican party in general. We have the speaker of the house, lying ryan trying desperately to destroy not only medicare/medicaid, but social security as well. Which begs the question why? ryan himself used benefits from social security to advance his education so apparently what was good for him is not good for the rest of us. Hypocrite much?" The worst example of their hypocrisy was when they cut funding for the embassies overseas which then left stations like Benghazi more vulnerable to attack, and then when attack came they blamed democrats because it was convenient just like today's republicans, deniers of their own blame.
     The key here is that republicans like to break what democrats build and then claim that the good that was built by democrats was faulty. It never ends with them. They claim to be for the working middle poor class while campaigning and then destroy that which the working middle poor class needs once in power. I have been sick of them most of my life and have tried to show their hypocrisy at every turn but it seems that we Americans are not smart enough to see through their lies. One final note is the recent immigration ban where the four countries that had citizens directly involved with taking down our twin towers not on the immigration ban, the fact that those four countries have trump hotels should explain why.

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