Saturday, January 21, 2017

The trumpocalypse begins (#2913)

     Trumpocalypse, There is so much damage trump can do to our democracy and it will be devastating. From losses in our social safety net, many of our liberties, to losses in economic recovery to losses of life and treasure abroad. Our nation's very existence is tenuously in the balance. Sure we have nuclear weapons en mass, but that foretells another loss of our democracy, but that includes annihilation. I am not sure what we can do legally and politically but the republican party has established this nightmare scenario and it will be on them with the help of every democrat to find a way to stop the idiot who now controls the very lives of over 300 million American citizens.
     What massive protests we will have today in Washington D.C., and all across our country, will help serve as a template for our immediate future. We have a president now who won't be swayed by majority public opinion in that he is much like the republican party who have an agenda and despite the cruel and inhumane nature of it. It will be forced upon us regardless of our adamant objection toward it. How have we come so far that our representative government has now become a demanding one? Our democracy is being unraveled by the republican party that wants the power of ruling without the respect of consent.
     Surely they used the system to get elected but only first by gerrymandering, lying and voter suppression. They were skillful in their abilities not to shake the foundation of our society but subtly through our own prejudices and fears. We are in for a soul crushing next four years unless we find the strength to mount such an opposition that the republicans are forced to retreat from their onslaught to make us an oligarchy instead of a our proud tradition of being a democracy. This is no conspiracy theory and if you cannot be convinced that it is happening then you are the enabling primary reason that in four years we will no longer be anything of value for anyone else in the world to aspire to except other dictatorial regimes, that utterly ironically, we as Americans have been fighting against our entire existence.

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