Thursday, January 26, 2017

We must not be afraid to protest (#2918)

     If it is wrong then make it right or at least don't ignore it or go along with the wrong. I must say this I guess, we are all not owed a life here in existence. None of us is without a duty to bring honor or justice to whatever it is that is going on around us. So protesting is just a natural order of things when protesting is needed. Courage is the act of standing for whatever is right. Our military does it when they go into battle. They know the risks to their individual lives but they take the risks because a greater risk to many more must be stopped. There is no escaping our duty whether we try to or not.
     So it boils down to what kind of person are you? That is the person you must decide is worth fighting to keep alive. For myself, I have forgone selfishness and greed in order to maintain an inner peace for myself. Value is weighed in all kinds of different ways but for me value is integrity, respect and above all else good behavior. I have my few commercial items that maintain me within the global family but none of that "pig iron" is more important than any one human being. Although some human beings I have no hope for them becoming decent since they have sold their honor and integrity as a choice.
     Those are the ones we must protest against. The ones who have no compassion nor empathy for anyone other than themselves. When they have power, like what is currently happening, we must all find our courage and make a stand for what is best about our species because this struggle that is beginning as a protest is for the very life of our existence. Make no mistake here, if we don't somehow stop the cruel and brutish nature of our current political leadership, we will find that most all of us won't wake up some morning to the fresh smell of our nation burning to the ground.

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