Saturday, February 25, 2017

A cost is associated with rebelling against trump and his police state (#2948)

     Yes, there will be many of us who feel the wrath of the indignant tyrant trump as we continue to resist and persist against his anti-democratic policies. But not unlike the wars we have fought outside our borders to bring about world democracy, we must also fight within our borders to maintain the democracy we have that is currently under assault. This is not a test folks this is real so if you think you can just ignore this warning and go about your daily unaware lives you will soon enough find yourself at great disadvantages. The time is now to put up our best resistance because once you give trump an inch it will be much harder to get that inch back.
     Those of us who speak truth to power are the most vulnerable but it isn't in our natures to back down from a righteous fight. We are Americans first and with that label we owe a duty to all those who have fought for democracy before and after us. So if losing everything is the cost then so be it. I know I won't tolerate a takeover of our government by the current anti-democratic administration and I also know I am not alone. Many of us laugh in the face of the rhetorical threats because we know that at the core of these trumps is a cowardice that has been inside them their whole lives. They hoot with bravado but when push comes to shove they will feel their knees shake and their cowardice freeze their nefarious will.
     This is a battle we civilized modern Americans must fight and win if our nation is to survive this first real crisis from within. The trumps may think they can bully us into submission but they have no idea what real patriotism looks like. They will feel it at their very cores if they don't find their way back to reason and sanity. A cost for all of us is coming and how we pay it will reflect who we really are. Either pay with your loss of dignity, respect and rights by cowering to the bully trumps or pay with your sacrifice and willingness to not only stand against tyranny but to fight it at every turn so that no matter what the outcome we will all know we gave all we had with nothing left in reserve.

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