Thursday, February 9, 2017

America for sale, to and for the privileged and advantaged (#2932)

     It seems now that since a third rate con man is now in the oval office, the white house is open for business, for the third rate con man and his children, The idea of white privilege and advantage cannot be illustrated any better than in the link just provided. trump, through his surrogates is placing one capitalist, his daughter, above all others. Even admonishing stores that are now not selling her products, This is what we can expect from the trump administration.
     What is even worse, as trump is trying mightily to keep his businesses from being separated from him, he is making deals that directly benefit his own profits, Like the travel ban that does not include any country where he has business interests, but were instrumental in fostering citizens that attacked us on September 11, 2001, trump has business interests in Saudi Arabia,;(15 of the 9/11 attackers), United Arab Emirates: (2), Egypt: (1), and Lebanon; (1). The facts do not lie so there is no dispute that at a minimum there is a conflict of interests. Yet in trumpland, alternative facts,,, ie (lies) are the reality.
     The wealthy thieves in our nation that own media and fail to report facts and instead launch their own agendas as news are mostly responsible but responsibility also falls on those citizens who cannot nor will not inform themselves through objective research and debate. In other words we got what we deserved except that those who allowed this fiasco are not the majority but since we hold onto the archaic electoral college we lost despite voting in the majority against trump. Still the hellscape continues and it hasn't been 3 weeks yet.

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