Thursday, February 23, 2017

I won't quit (#2946)

     The darkest day of my life happened when trump was declared the winner of our last presidential election. I felt such a gut punch that was similar to one I had when I got my heart broken by a woman I was deeply in love with. This is just as bad as that was not only in the gut punch feeling but the lingering of it. My pain back then lasted about a year while this one no doubt will last until he is gone and a democrat is back leading our nation and the world. But throughout the pain I felt when I was younger I never quit on my life no matter how despondent I was at times. What I did was work to change my experiences to better allow me distance from what I knew to what I was changing to become.
     The same application works here in a different form. When I say I never quit it is because there is much work to do to reverse the outcome of this last election. There is a special election in Georgia for a congressional seat that can help cause a rising tide of momentum for democrats if we can somehow win this seat. Since there is no other election of this magnitude on the immediate horizon, we democrats can and should put all our efforts into this one district and work our tails off to get the democrat elected in a seat that has been held by republicans. So work to get our democracy back is my solution this time to that still stinging awful gut punch from last November 8th.
     Even if we cannot win this forthcoming congressional election, the effort to try is the key. This is where the "I will never quit" part kicks in to overdrive. Life is too short to commiserate with our worst fears and slide into a comatic life. Action to continue to improve life is my cure and while I have breath, win or lose, I won't quit. The old stand by idiom of if life knocks you down and you don't get back up then you can never win is applicable. This last knockdown was severe and if I hadn't been as strong as I am I could easily see myself throwing in the towel of defeat. But I am stronger than that and get back up I did and not only that I am ready to throw some hay makers at the lousy human beings currently running our government.

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