Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Man made religion sucks and too many are pacified by it (#2930)

     Spent the better part of an hour this morning discussing why I am an atheist and why I find religion to be unnatural and dishonest. Surely there was more to say but the point being is that man made religion, which is any religion written down by man as scripture from a Deity, is nonsense. Not that there isn't a lot of good mixed into the dogma. that is how we get and got hooked. I was once a follower of Christ, but once I read through the "good book" twice, I came to realize that the good in the book was heavily over shadowed with the bad. At the same time it gave any man an economic edge to cull money from believers.
     Take note of such preachers as Robertson, Hagee, Graham, Olsteen, Dollar and the list goes on of such men who have made their enormous wealth off the backs of believers with their magical claims of being assured of going to heaven and not hell. Now let's get into that. Because a book written by men says that there is a heaven and a hell then it must be true? Well I find it rather gifted of anyone who can take a tale of a physically impossible lore and make it an every day desire or fear. We live on a planet that has never given any physical evidence of a deity. Never! Yet the hordes of us rush headlong into the idea that there is some salvation and forgiveness in a ancient tale.
     If there ever were a religion I would find it in logic and science, which does include music by the way. My religion is the universe and it's wonders that I am not allowed to experience because too many of us are stuck here with too many who won't let the idea of a magical deity die. Well living in this fairy tale can make life easier but it doesn't make life right. We are the best species in existence when we face reality with all our minds focused on solutions to problems, not forgiveness for them. I will die soon and surely religion won't any time soon but know this, I see you religious types for your failure to be strong and courageous facing life with reality instead of magical thinking that you find comfort in.

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