Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My spiritual connection with the Universe (#2944)

     I have been having a discussion with a man who is trying to convince me that the idea of a god is not outside the realm of reality by insinuating that the choices we make concerning the concept of a god makes it rational that a god does influence our reality. Well, just because I "believe" something does not make it real despite any action I take in reality. Facts, science and logic are the determiners of what is real in reality. You cannot take what you imagine and say it is real. Do you see the distinction? I tried to explain to him that hoping for something to be real is not the same as something that is real. I know life is tough and many need a pacifier of sorts to help them along through it and if the idea of a god is what works for some then that is their choice but it doesn't make the choice a real thing.
     It is an imagined thing and between you and me I think it is wrong. I don't need a pacifier to get through life. I know life is hard and can be very cruel at times but I don't need some illusion to comfort me so that I can "feel" better. It is what it is and that is real. If I can change some of the harsh and brutal natures of life then I will by trying something real, not shy away into to some imagined safe harbor. It is often the case that made to believe myths, mores and superstitions are defended as learning tools for a more balanced life. Well I disagree with that as well. There is a time for good things to happen but we don't need to wrap them in a fantasy that requires a modicum of belief to be part of. We are an amazing species who have amazing possibilities, we don't need to fake ourselves into a better world.
     Now when it comes to my own sense of spirituality there is a way for me to describe it that is logical and factual. I come from the Universe, made from some of it's parts. So my spirituality is that I am connected to this existence through the verifiable fact that I am made form it's parts. Now the Universe itself is not alive like we humans are. So I see myself as connected to the Universe in the manner of being one of it's many living breathing members. This is my spirituality, a part of the whole and not only that a thinking, feeling movable part that has dominion over my entity until that time comes when I revert back into the many single parts that came from this existence.

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