Friday, February 24, 2017

Our species has two frontiers left to explore (#2947)

     The micro and the macro. I often think of our dimension as being one small and the other being large. In the micro world the physical dynamics are different than the physical dynamics of our world whereas, if we are a micro world to another macro world what is that macro world like? Just postulating and not claiming as fact. But it is curious that I think we could be a layered dimension that is a constant always in a continuum with each succeeding dimension either larger or smaller than the other. Let me try to explain in a more simple fashion. Let's say that our dimension is just a microbe within another dimension who is a microbe within another dimension and so on and so on. An endless loop of dimensions encapsulating all dimensions.
     I try to think with logic so given that we have both, micro and macro, it doesn't seem foolish to begin there. We have tools, microscopes and telescopes to help us understand both. As we continue on a course of exploration we may find that there is more of a link than the fact of our existence to both, but that there are means within our Universe that would allow us to move from one dimension to another. Of course I am talking of black holes where so far we find little of even light that can escape it's pull. If all that passes into a black hole is furthered out somewhere else, if being the operative possibility, where might that somewhere else be? Certainly within our Universe but on what dimension? Anyway, just postulating again so this is why it is so important for us to continue to explore our two frontiers.
     If we survive the trumps and do not destroy what modern advancement we have made I can foresee a near future that is not too distant where we are able to make these questions of dimension come to reveal themselves. As soon as we can perfect space propulsion with efficiency and conquer zero gravity in space, we would then be able to get a better idea of what forces in the outer macro world apply directly to the forces that exist within the micro world. My hunch is that the the micro world and the macro world will align much more closely once we are able to understand both better.

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