Monday, February 27, 2017

Quitting because the good isn't good enough (#2950)

     I have seen enough now to know this much, if we have good why would we throw it away for bad? That doesn't make sense to do does it? Yet that is exactly what we did this last election. There are those out there who think that our previous good should be torn down because it wasn't great. So they stayed home and didn't vote or voted third party and yes, even some voted for trump. All because the great wasn't coming fast enough from what good we had at the time. Well I am not one of these folks. I understand that change actually does take time and whatever good we had at the time was right for pushing forward to make the good even better.
     We don't have that luxury now. The illogic of the few who thought that letting the republican win would help to solidify our democratic base for a greater effect this coming 2018 and especially 2020. The problem here is that nothing stays in a vacuum. Instead what we are losing now will be that much harder to get back in the future because whenever ground that has already been won is given up it is exponentially harder to get that ground back. Not only that but with republicans in power, our freedoms to protest and vote will get that much harder to keep. So the dynamic those who thought a trump victory would help us in the near future will not be the same when the next voting time comes.
     I have seen this play out in the past so it is not a shock to me that it is happening again. This is what happens when the logic of keeping the good and improving on it is not accepted as fact or common sense progress when the next generation evolves. We keep going through these cycles where lessons are learned and then readily forgotten so the same endless cycle continues. I have one principle in all this that never changes with me, whoever our democratic nominee is will always get one hundred percent of me. The reason being that even when the nominee is not my first or second choice, the policies are. What is going to happen over the next 4 and even 8 years is going to be hell for so many that the little fit many democrats through that allowed this is showing itself to be nothing more than childish behavior and a major self inflicted wound on ourselves and those who count on us not to act as petulant children but like those with the gravitas of wisdom.

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