Thursday, February 2, 2017

republicans in congress are allowing the destruction of our democracy (#2925)

     Not one sitting republican office holder is doing anything to stop the destruction of our democracy. They are all falling in line with the trump administration with only an occasional whimper here and there. It is as if party politics is a higher priority than patriotism to democracy. It has been that way for several decades with republicans and yet the American voters are somehow reluctant to recognize it as a fault. It is incredible that too many voters seem unaffected by the tearing down of our democracy. I am amazed at the disinterest by many more who do not even bother to vote or who could care less as long as their investments in the economy remain relatively stable.
     This type of condescension and greed is too prevalent in our society so it makes us ripe for the con men of our time to work their deceptions. Which is the basis for the republican party. Con men who say one thing in order to do another. Those of us who do care, although gut punched form the last election, are still fighting to expose the agenda of republican politics. We are not long dissuaded from our goal of crushing those who would lie, cheat and steal our democracy out from under us. But in the meantime the elected republicans already in office have cowered to the cowardly bully and in their silence, expose their guilt.
     The only way our American society will regain it's pride is to end the republican party in every election going forward. There will be plenty of evidence based upon facts and truths for our voters to decide who is best at promoting democracy. There should be no doubt that republicans are tearing down our democracy, marginalizing the working middle poor class, which is the vast majority of our American population. The question now is as republicans in office continue to do nothing to stop the carnage coming at us hard and fast, will the American electorate kick their asses out of office?

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