Tuesday, February 14, 2017

So much corruption and ineptitude (#2937)

     Half of the problems in the trump administration are just plain laziness to do the job right and the other half is intentional manipulations and lies. It is so prevalent that one can hardly delineate between the two without a thorough investigation. We won't get that since trump is trying to close the office of ethical accountability and congress is unavailable to do the people's investigtive work since they are the ones who helped install trump into power in the first place. They are all culpable for their own petty reasons but nonetheless their pettiness is far from harmless when the American working middle poor class is so devastated by their intentions.
     Outside their intentions we see the inability of republicans and trump in particular to do their jobs with efficient completeness. They would rather shrink into their cocoons of safety from the general public so that they can hide their actions of crushing democracy in order to maintain their control of government. Why is this so important? Because whoever controls government also controls the wherewithal of blood and treasure. They can start wars and move money where they want it without the consent of we the people. There is more than that though, republicans like controlling how people live. It is an ego thing with them, not a service thing we liberal/progressives aspire toward.
     It has been less than a month since republicans have gained controlled our legislature and executive branch but already many scandals of honored traditional protocol and law breaking are emerging. None bigger that the controversial way trump and many republicans were elected. It seems that we can never let our guards down with republicans because servicing the public is not their motivation. Instead manipulating the public and taking from us is their goal. I am still hopeful a crisis can be avoided but anything less that tar and feathers for all republicans caught dishonoring the public trust will not be acceptable.

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