Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The inhumanity of it all (#2951)

     It has not been two months yet and we are seeing the growing police state and an agenda to increase our military footprint while alienating our greatest allies in the world. This is somewhat the scenario I envisioned when the trumps came to power. For me it is apocalyptic in nature and foreshadows the darkest period in American history, yes even overshadowing our most egregious American era culminating in the Civil War. This is my perception of what is to come however there are still some opportunities to stop the pending struggle. Our courts have jurisdiction in defining the rights we have as citizens and as to how our elections are to be conducted and if they find that influences beyond the democratic process were implemented then a possible recourse could be devised.
     There is also the military who may see that the madman in the while house needs to be put out as a defense against the destruction of democracy should that become more imminent. Our protests large and small in a never ending loop may also have a chilling effect on trump and his republican party's march to deconstruct our government and lessen the freedoms that we are guaranteed through it. There is already a concerted effort by the trumps to make our nation less safe from manufacturing and industrialization techniques that border on lunacy from the lethal days where pollution and nature's destruction where acceptable as long as a profit could be turned.
     Many people will become less than compared to others and their life expectancy will diminish concurrent with their ability to turn a buck. Economics will be the rule, not democracy and those who cannot nor will not participate in the reality that a dedication to any work that is offered by the greedy wealthy is the only vehicle to freedom, will find they have none. A system is being established where corporations are more valued than life and that only money is allowed to speak. Many of us will not survive this next four years but it won't be because we bowed our heads in fear but because we lost our heads being courageous. Humanity will not suffer any loss in my presence as long as that is.

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