Friday, February 17, 2017

The resistance to trumps continues... (#2940)

     Today is a short developed national strike day so the overall effect may not be as effective as a well planned out strategy that had some time to it to organize a stronger effect, nevertheless, it will make a strong point. No work or shopping unless vital and an overall disdain for trump and his republican acolytes. It will be interesting to monitor just how we resistors are able to convince our otherwise less enthusiastic citizenry to join us. But critically speaking it was our less enthusiastically citizenry that didn't bother to vote against trump and republicans that got us into this mess in the first place. But now we have an opportunity to show the world that most of us see trump and his republican party on whole as illegitimate and dangerous.
     I will keep my television on a channel that has a no political commentary, but instead entertainment or sports, weather and such. I will give trumps nothing. I am in a battle to save my life and as such I will not stop denying them any legitimacy nor respect. I am not being overly conspiratorial here. They want to take our social services form us and as an older American I rely on my social security and healthcare in order to stay alive. The argument for resistance must be made to all who still observe objective logic. Our liberal progressivism is what will see us through because we have logic, common sense and science on our side, not the craven illusion of a master who wants to control us.
     Our democracy is being ruptured and is leaking like a sieve. This is due to trumps who see themselves as not representatives but as ordained masters of us Americans. They ride high on their false religious dogma of scaring folks while telling us what they want us to have, instead of representing what we want them to do. You do get the distinction right? If you don't then hurry and catch up. We need all who can still think for themselves to resist the power struggle currently happening between the trumps of the world and the rest of us working middle poor class.

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