Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The road back to sanity (#2924)

     With every special election coming up to fill some vacant seats in Congress we democrats must unite so that we can start picking up every available seat possible. Some we will have a hard time doing because of gerrymandered districts that leave us with few democratic voters in them but try we must since there does seem to be a buyers remorse out there with trump and his reversals on promises. This is how we get back our mojo after being gut punched on November 8th. So whatever we must do, either donating directly to the candidates running, phone banking or on the ground canvassing, we must keep fighting to get our nation back from the lying, cheating, stealing, crazy republicans.
     I accept that our nation is going backwards given the majorities republicans have maneuvered for themselves through deception and voter suppression. But that does not mean that we cannot mount another challenge to them in the near future as they continue to expose themselves for the worthless greedy bastards that they are. The more they legislate and sign presidential executive orders we get a clear message just how much they want to destroy democratic ideals along with the working middle poor class. Our strength going forward is in using the despicable actions republicans are now employing. From cuts to our health and retirements while giving more tax breaks to the wealthy, we have much to show in comparing our message and their actions.
     As these special elections come around and the off year voting in many states, we have great opportunities to send strong messaging to republicans currently controlling our government that there is a price to pay for not representing the interests of the working middle poor class. It doesn't matter how much the Koch's and other wealthy republican donors spend to lie to us at each election now, because we can see through their lies by what their actual policies are doing. I hope and honestly expect we democrats to put up quite a showing going forward in the round of elections coming up.

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