Monday, February 13, 2017

The struggle over ideology (#2936)

     This is the make or break time for our democracy. Will we be heavily influenced by a form of fascist capitalism or will we move back to the democratic ideals of a healthy mix of capitalism and socialism? This is the battle that is set up to begin on all fronts. republicans control the executive and congressional branches which gives them an advantage toward their ideal of unrestrained capitalism. Yet they don't control the courts despite their illusory stubborn insistence that trump does overrule the courts. As we have seen already, with his immigration order, trump is not going to get a free ride with his brutish greedy agenda.
     The courts will be where most of the most important battles will be fought but not the only arena. We still have the right to protest and redress our grievances, although protesting is being attacked by republicans who want to stifle it, and redress of our grievances is given little respect. We must stop being co-conspirators in our own demise by accepting the irrational as rational. We must not allow anyone, elected or not, to change the dynamic that democracy secures. Anyone who would, aka...trump, should be whipped, tarred and feathered and sent out of town on a pole. Yes, there are consequences for destroying our democracy while trying to instill himself as a tyrant king.
     I for one am ready to charge into the forefront of battle and as such am willing to lose everything to preserve what was and still could be the greatest democracy in the history of mankind. There are noble and just causes to be willing to sacrifice for and like Nathan Hale, wish I had more than one life to give to protect our nation from trump and his republican acolytes. We are in an ideological battle like never before since our last one during the civil war. This is no less dangerous to our melting pot society and if we don't come out the victor in this then world war 2 would have actually not been won by democracy but instead lost to fascism. Whatever it takes for all of us to now commit to our political process must be addressed and quickly!

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