Wednesday, February 22, 2017

We Californians need to think outside the box (#2945)

     The trumps have decided that we here in California are not worthy of funds to continue to improve our way of life. The denial of continued funding for the upgrading of our Bay Area rail system is the latest to see a vindictive response from the new administration in Washington. As the March 1st deadline approaches for the signing of labor and material contracts is approaching we here in California are not in a financial position to honor those contracts so they will become null and void on March 1st, effectively stalling or ending the rail upgrade to electricity instead of the current fossil fuels. Unless we can come up with some alternative funding that has a guaranteed source.    
     Now I am no expert on what legal ground we stand on here in California to find an alternative source of funding the denial of the $650 million but it seems to me that all we need is a guaranteed source of income that is earmarked specifically for the rail project. Either in donation form or through marketing advantages. I would think that some other way to finance the rail upgrade can at least be mulled and bandied about. I for one am not one to take no for an answer even if we Californians have to contract out to another nation state. Again, I don't know what legal ramifications we are dealing with but if some other way to fund our continued rail improvement funding can be found then we must investigate any opportunity and it's possibility.
     That we here in California must be beholden to the trumps and their insecurities and childlike behaviors is abhorrent to me and makes me want to outwit them in any way we can. I refuse to succumb to them and if we truly are the great state many of us think we are then there must be another way to not only fund our rail projects but to thumb our nose at the trumps and their bullying behavior. To fight to keep our dignity and be proud to present modernity for all the world to see then thinking outside the box is what we must do if no other obvious option is available. We are leaders here in California and to lead we must show a new innovative way forward.

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