Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Again, universal single payer health care is the right policy! (#2965)

     Finally, we see the alternative to Obamacare from republicans and it is no alternative at all. Instead it is a massive giveaway to the top 2% income bracket, http://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/3/13/14914596/ahca-cbo-premiums-age. While also being a burden on the middle class and kicking over 52 million off health care by year 2026, http://www.vox.com/2017/3/13/14912520/cbo-ahca-gop-plan. If you did not know this was how this was going to play out then you truly were in the republican bubble unable to see that the republican party has not ever been a friend to the working middle poor class. They are the party of the wealthy and if you are not wealthy then you will only feel the pain of their policies.
     98% of us will never be wealthy. We will have to work hard and struggle for every bit of pay and benefit we can get to raise our families and prepare for our retirement. Let me explain retirement for a moment. It is not the luxury of great health and exuberant mindsets. On the contrary, it is last days of our lives that wore and tore us down to a shadow of who we were. In retirement we are lucky to have the strength and wherewithal to just live a minimally enjoyable life. So when republicans try to take our retirement in the form of social security and medicare from us it is like they are sticking a knife in our backs and telling us we don't deserve to live anymore. For me I see it as an indirect attempt to kill us off while increasing their own bank accounts.
     But I digress, universal single payer health insurance, or more easily understood, medicare for all, is the best policy for all of us, young and old. When we know we won't be bankrupted for having an illness or accident we can then focus more on the important things in life like raising our children and teaching them the value of democratic principles. Until we are able to get this message across to all Americans that having policies aimed at our own good will instead of only at the good will of the wealthy we will continue to have harsh and brutish lives for the sake of making the wealthy even more comfortable.

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