Saturday, March 11, 2017

If we survive... (#2962)

     This is the backlash for the comprehensive progressions we have made over the last decade. The entrenched forces of prejudice and hate have been held at bay for too long and this last election gave them the opportunity to coalesce and take out their frustrations on the progress that has been made. They used hook and crook to get power but they have it and what is next for our nation over the next 2 to 4 years will tell much about how far we have come as a civilized society. Will we survive their prejudice and hatred or will we combat it for as long as it takes? That will be the question that will be answered over time. I for one will combat it with my life when necessary which I fully expect to do. There is no going back now on how I live and the principles I hold dear.
     I refuse to be one of those who accepts this deviously maneuvered election as legitimate so fight against it I will. I have learned over time that the important things in life are not the material things I can accumulate, rather the important things in life are honor, curiosity, dignity, love and respect, etcetera. These are the values I live for and fight for. Never will I let a scoundrel of any type try to tell me how to live and think. I am a free will man who knows that no person has the right to degrade or deny any other the right of free will and thought. This is a battle that is occurring while most of us are just not paying attention. Our lives are so structured that we cannot fathom upsetting them for ideals that are not tangible.
     Well that disregard for values is what has gotten us in this mess and it will keep us here until the mess becomes so overwhelming that our very lives will become forfeit. So while most of us are content in our own little worlds the rest of the world is being manipulated in such dastardly ways that our inattention will cost us dearly. If we survive the next few years it will be because we did not let the trumps of the world destroy our democracy and if you think that is hyperbole just look around sometime at the laws they are institution and the people who are being harmed by them. Surely you are not like the trumps of the world so tell me, what are your values and what are you willing to sacrifice to keep them?

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