Saturday, March 18, 2017

It is only mid March (#2969)

     The worst of what we expected has not happened yet. I thought trump would already have us in a shooting war larger than the more than 1000 troops soon to be in Syria, I had figured that China or it's satellite North Korea would already be waging war against us. I am happy to say that we are not there yet and I suspect that although trump is full of rhetorical bluster, in his heart he is a full blown coward. Which may be our saving grace here. I am one of those who expect the nuclear option to be part of his eventual decision to wage war but if he keeps this up maybe we will escape a nuclear holocaust.
     The fact that he is willing to destroy health care and any and all social programs has not changed. I expect he will find that we are not going to allow him to operate in a vacuum so his plans with destroying health care may not be so easy for him to accomplish. Yet in his budget,, trump would eliminate so many social programs aimed at the working middle poor class while increasing the military budget by practically the same amount that one can only conclude that he values harm and death more than he values any decent scenario of life. Of course none of this has passed into law and it might never do so, yet that is the best we can hope.
     There are still 22 months to go until the next round of congressional elections come about so in 22 months we could all be a smoldering cinder of ash or like most of us wish we were, given the harsh reality trump wants to inflict upon us. Something still must prevail to end this nightmare that has fallen on top of us by a minority vote. With all the criminal activity now being scrutinized about trump and his inner circle hopefully some judicial relief will be forthcoming but again, that is the best case scenario which so far no best case scenario has happened yet.

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