Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The cowards of the republican party (#2966)

     Yes, cowards they are. They are afraid of all things that take them out of their selfish comfort zone. They do not have the desire to improve themselves beyond their own prejudices and biases. It is simple for republicans that way. There is no taxing of their minds to understand the complexities of life. As long as they are comfortable within the structures that keep their power they do not care for logic or common sense that is in constant change. We live in a society that is in motion. Motion means constantly moving from one moment to the next. It is the most fundamental logical occurrence in existence yet republicans wish to stop motion or progress or whatever you wish to call it so long as they can keep what they have as static.
     Well the world doesn't work like that. The only thing static is death. Once dead, nothing significant about who you were or what you are changes and that is a fact. So pretending to keep life static instead of embracing motion is at best stupid or at worst cowardly. I don't hold that many republicans are stupid so I go with the them being cowards. Afraid of the change that motion brings. How utterly sad that republicans have stopped living in the present and for the future and choose to live in some demented illusion of the past where their prejudices and biases can flourish. This particular era of American society will undoubtedly go down as one of the most troubling to understand. Where once America and Americans had been held in high esteem have fallen so far as to be held now in low contempt.
     There is a battle going on right this moment in time by the democratic forces who wish modernity and progress to win out and the republican forces who wish to dissolve our modernity and progress and take us back to an unenlightened time where the wealthy and privileged ruled the land and everyone else was at their beck and call. If you have yet to accept that this is happening then your internal principles are diseased and not active in your life making you susceptible to becoming a coward yourself. So make a stand on what you know is right and join us in defeating the hatred and racism of cowards and make yourself into an honorable American we should have been all along.

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