Sunday, March 12, 2017

We are born innocent and should never let that go (#2963)

     We are all born with a wide eyed beginning to know where we are and what we are doing here. The great question of why begins early on in our development. So many things come at us when we are just come alive that we often forget how we began after some time. Especially when we get older and have difficulty remembering the first thoughts that entered our minds. We are not born with an understanding of language and symbols so we learn them as we progress so keeping our thoughts ordered is difficult if not impossible at the earliest stages of our beginnings. Yet we do keep our memories and if we search them and place them into our memorial foundations we will find that our care and our curious natures dominate the landscape of our minds.
     I have read so many philosophical takes on life and the meaning of life that the same themes keep coming back to me from all of them, that we care and we wonder. Even in the most despicable takes on our nature is the foundational theme of a care, either for ourselves or a group of us and a curiosity about what our present or future may bring. I say this because no matter the right or wrong take on life these two themes of care and wonder are within. I choose to take the high road about our natures and apply the two themes of care and wonder to them. It is logical as well as intuitive. My first reactions in emergency situations is always to matter in a positive way, however the emergency plays out. An instinct to do right and correct things is apparent to me and surely I am not the only one who behaves like this.
     I have other traits that are not easily definable as good and bad depending on my application of them. Take for instance my stubbornness. At times my dogged approach to solving problems is a positive trait that motivates me to a positive solution. At other times my dogged approach to matters of the heart have proven to be a negative and have caused pain as a result. I am learning to adjust my other traits to fit more precisely toward positive outcomes, yet my care and my wonder are always there no matter what other trait may have some temporary control. My innocence at birth though is the key to me and we all have that same beginning so we should all hold that as our baseline for the rest of our limited life in this existence.

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