Friday, March 3, 2017

When the intent is to deceive (#2954)

     There is not one iota of doubt in my soul that the trumps want to cause extreme pain and suffering on the working middle poor class of Americans. Somehow their minds tell them that having compassion toward anyone not making millions in income is not allowed. Somehow they think we should all be millionaires and those of us who aren't deserve a whip to the back not a helping hand. It is the starkest difference between republicans and democrats. Democrats will use the stick at times when it is proper but for the most part we democrats find that the carrot is the most successful utility in creating a better society. Meanwhile republicans rarely use the carrot and instead almost always use the stick. They think that kindness and helpfulness can only be expressed through pain and suffering, hence their political philosophy of survival of the fittest.
     This is not always obvious to others who are not clued into the history of the republican party like I have been over these many decades. How republicans have been able to deflect blame for not establishing social programs of their own is to sabotage democratic social programs and then exclaim that the social programs don't work. While also falsely claiming that there is widespread fraud and abuse in the programs in order to pit the working middle poor class against itself. They have most recently done the same with voting rights, claiming there is widespread voter fraud while never producing anything that even begins to look like widespread voter fraud. They, republicans, always claim something without providing proof and they think that their stature is such that people will believe them based upon their portrayed demigod status.
     Well they are not demigods they are just human beings who lack a soul for doing what is right for all Americans instead of doing all for the benefit of the wealthy. I live in this society yet am sickened by it's abuse of our precious democracy. How the electorate here in America can be so prejudiced toward equality and fairness is beyond me. I am an honorable man and as such live my life in a peaceful appreciative way that gives me serenity. Yet am I more the exception than the rule? Are more like the republicans who are more disconnected from humanity than other species who live with us? I am terribly ashamed of our American populace who cannot seem to distinguish between living life with honor and living life as a greedy brute.

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