Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Where are the checks and balances? (#2972)

     The audacity of one political party to deny the tenets of democracy to the whole of a nation is treasonous. The republican party has taken it upon itself to act in the most despicable of ways by ignoring obvious foreign collusion in the last election solely because they benefited from the said collusion. Now that we see that they are closing ranks to protect the republican power in office we can see why the separation of powers is so vital. Because the separation of powers is what should protect us from any who would be over throwers of our form of democratic government. Yet when the over throwers are actually the ones who control the levers of power the idea that checks and balances will protect us becomes moot.
     Our system of elections has caused this to happen and since we have never faced such a political dilemma as this in the past our path forward is quite unclear. Who will reign in the over throwers who are now legally in political power? I use the term legally because as of today it is still valid regardless of the evidence that is coming out showing an illegitimate election. Will our supreme court find it within themselves to come to the defense of our constitution? Do they see themselves as the protectors of our society or just as arbiters of technicalities? Who will be our champion when we have no governmental force left that is not tainted with the partisanship of republican politics?
     I for one can only hope that the press and the citizenry of our nation will not let the carpetbaggers in power destroy the value of our evolving democracy. It is their intent to do so and all indications are that they will not be deterred until someone or thing actually deters them. What are the checks and balances indeed if not our Congress and our courts? What is left is either acquiescence to being subdued or the foment of rebellion. As of this writing I don't know what can be done except to continue to bring evidence forward to convince our populace that an inherent disease is upon us in the form of republican politics and do everything we can to rebut it. Our last line of defense went the way of the ineffective electoral college and now we are left this question, with who will save us as a last dying gasp?

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