Thursday, March 2, 2017

Will democrats unite? (#2953)

     I am flummoxed over what is going on in our democratic party. It seems that the problems we are having with infighting is perfectly wonderful for republicans who are doing some of the worst manipulations in the history of our nation but we democrats don't seem to be paying attention because we got problems with our own choices and who should or shouldn't run in our party elections. I cannot tell how utterly ridiculous it is for us democrats to be doing this while the world is basically on fire. How shortsighted and selfish we can be and it makes me wonder if many in our democratic party actually care about democracy more than they care about their own sense of what we democrats should or shouldn't be doing.
     What it tells me is that instead of fighting to keep our democracy they would rather live under a tyrant and feel the smugness of their own perception of reality. How selfish and republican like. I keep saying everywhere I put a footprint, I will vote for whoever is our nominee, period. If all of us within our democratic party would keep this big picture mentality, then we will never have a trump like experience again. I am all for doing what we can to repair any and all problems that we have within our party but I will never lose sight that whatever problems we have within our party are minuscule in equivalency and in polar opposition to the devastating effects republicans bring to being in power.
     I would gladly vote for a democrat who has some unlikable qualities in a heart beat then ever vote for the sanest republican. Never will I ever vote for a republican nor would I abstain from voting or vote third party. If we democrats are not in power then our society is ripe for destruction. That is a simple fact so we democrats need to know the order of our priorities and the most crucial priority we have is to have a democrat in every elected public office, period!

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