Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fighting for our civilization requires our courage (#3009)

     No other time in history, since the Civil War, has our democracy been so undercut by our own hands. From within is our enemy. Those republicans who voted trump into office are the ones who don't care about democracy or the principles of the melting pot. They are in this for two things, to hurt others and protect their idea of white nationalism. The antithesis of what America stands for is what Germany was doing leading up to World War II. Unfortunately, like the Germany of the 1930's, we citizens of America are following their path. We are shirking our democratic principles of justice, fairness and equality of opportunity in order to satisfy the fears we are unable to conquer. Our courage as a nation is being tested and so far we are failing.
     Sure we have the most guns, the most lethal weapons and the largest army, but we are afraid of all others because we have lost our soul. Instead of being the peacemakers on our planet we are now the fomenters of terrorism and poverty. Instead of reaching a hand out with help to those who are so desperate for it we instead give them the back of our hand across their cheeks. I am part of this American nation and never have I felt so embarrassed and ashamed of our policies of division and suffering. We as a nation are responsible for this and we as a nation are the ones who can turn it around before it becomes to late for a reversal. The world will not let us, through this current administration, continue to reek havoc on civilized behavior nor will the world allow us any mercy if we do not stop.
     As the republican cowards continue to saber rattle and treat women and different skin tone humans differently through segregating policies we the democratic party in our nation must unite and grow our associations so that when the time comes for disrupting and resisting we are prepared to thwart any and all attempts by this current republican diseased leadership to worsen our hopes for a kind and peaceful world. Our courage is what will be needed and many of us will have to sacrifice even our lives if needed in order to stand against the coming tyranny of republican rule. If we do not find our courage to fight we will lose this very democracy that is our last hope for returning America to it's welcoming birthright.

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