Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Another milestone posting (#3000)

     And yet the same old topic of how republicans want to destroy the working middle poor class is presented. I have a duty to myself to write about those things that are heavy on my mind for the most part and this time we are living in is a perfect real life example of how our democracy being dismantled so that the distorted evangelical types and the wealthy can control what is left of our great society. We owe this to ourselves because we were not vigilant enough to understand the boiling frog analogy. Let me explain it again about the frog. When a frog sits in cool water he is fine and has no urgency to leave. But if you slowly boil the water the frog doesn't notice that the water is incrementally getting warmer until it is boiling and by then it is too late for the frog to do anything about it.
     Metaphorically, that is what is happening to our American society. We have had our democratic rights slowly chipped away while we sat and did nothing and now we are ripe for being used by those Americans, like the republican party and their donors, who don't hold to democratic ideals, Not only don't they hold to democratic ideals as such but they don't hold to ethics and morals like any normal American citizen would. But our society has continued to let them have their way by not informing ourselves as to the true meaning of their agenda. We just go about our business trusting that all Americans have the best interest of our society at heart regardless of the policies that prove otherwise. We are the frog sitting content in what we initially knew was cool water and have not paid attention to the fact that it is now boiling.
    So although I celebrate my 3000th posting today I am not happy or in a celebratory mood. I am still writing about how the republican party is destroying our nation, our democracy and our constitution while little to no attention is given to those facts. I am but one man who has been determined to write about the injustice and may I even say, the treason of it all and yet here we keep going down the ruinous path with little care. As I am getting older and it is getting harder for me to fight on behalf of all of us I am still of some utility and it is here with my little insignificant blog. I will not stop until I am stopped or I expire so that the forces that are tearing down our nation will have an to answer to the truths that are not going quietly into the night!

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