Friday, April 14, 2017

Double check your sources (#2996)

     I just called out a supposed democrat for posting a link that is run by republicans slamming the democratic party. Not only run by republicans but by the son in law of trump! Yet this supposed democrat didn't seem to bother to check his own link before spreading it's lies as fact. I told him on the post what the link was and told him to get off my Facebook page. We will see what his response is. If he chooses to apologize and delete the crap he has spread then fine he can stay but if he does nothing or argues one fucking word back at me I will delete him myself. I have zero tolerance for those who especially call themselves democrats who make no effort to fact check their posts. I am not perfect and at times have been so rushed that I have made some mistakes in posting articles but I always apologize and delete the material when wrong.
     I am not perfect and no one else is either which is why I give all a chance to correct mistakes when able. But those who wish to keep their ego's intact at the expense of truth will find nothing to do with me any longer. It is hard enough out there with fake news and propaganda from the republicans that we should not allow ourselves to be too lazy in keeping truth at the forefront. This is how republicans operate. They have no citizenry majority so they divide and conquer us to keep their public offices. We may well have some troubling problems within our big democratic tent but in comparison to what republicans do to us when they have power those problems we have are more insignificant than major. So bashing ourselves with republican propaganda is not only of disservice it works to destroy what difficult task we have in weathering the current anti working middle poor class republican administration.
     With the Internet still an open highway for most of us we have to utilize it to make sure that what we post on our pages and in our blogs is not only factual but aimed at exposing the republican party for the ulterior motive it tries to hide even from it's own supporters. Let us stay vigilant and resistant as much as possible while spreading truths and facts as our evidence for liberal and progressive policies being in our nation's best interest, not republican attack pieces that are aimed at dividing us while tempting us with false facts and opinions calculated to divide us.

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