Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hollow words and cowardly acts (#3001)

     All things trump. He hasn't killed us all yet so just maybe we can find a way to survive the morally compromised man child for another 3 months and then maybe even longer after that. I am not optimistic here but I am highly cynical of him and therefore might be biased toward total destruction as our future. I am kind of chuckling to myself since I am supposedly the Man of Hope but sorry, when it comes to trump and republicans in general, my hope dissipates into defeat. I am in absolute shame for what our nation has become. I had always thought that the better angels of our natures would always prevail and that if we had a spell with wrong and harmful thoughts it would have been broken by our will to uphold noble and honorable ideals despite our momentary failings.
     Yet when the opportunity for us to seize the brightest future for ourselves, our children and the rest of the world presented itself, we fell flat on our faces with a whimper. It was one of the most soul crushing moments in the history of our nation. How we could allow the worst of our natures to defeat the best of our natures is never going to be explained to me in any way that justifies the occurrence. I can draw this conclusion though and it is not pretty. We as a nation have failed in our duty to make the world better. We have instead set out on a course that actually makes our world worse. Furthermore we are now in a period of time where our future as a species is less tenable than ever before.
     If we survive this current real life nightmare we will hopefully safeguard against anything like this ever happening again. But the cost to us as a nation is a self inflicted wound of which is paramount. We have set back our goals of being a leader in intelligence and imagination an incalculable amount. We have abdicated the title of leader of the free world for no other reason that the greed, power and dishonesty of a handful of wealthy Americans who never learned to live the ideals of democracy. I never thought I would see this day and it's awkward shameful existence but I cannot hide nor deny that we as a nation have failed ourselves and the world on whole. Shame on us and shame on those republicans who lead us here!

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