Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How low can America go? (#2994)

     The special congressional house election in Kansas yesterday in a republican dominated district was won by the republican with a margin of 6.8%. Although republicans have a 2 to 1 registration advantage only winning by 6.8% of the vote tells us that the republican brand is not healthy. Yet with the obvious harmful policies republicans propose they still win with their base. I have to ask myself how low will America go before it realizes that voting for party over country is never the correct perspective. How bad does it have to get before the stubborn republican voters realize that they are being duped? I live here in America and have always thought that we were an enlightened society but that thought is no longer.
     We are not an enlightened society we are more dense than learned. For the life of me I cannot fathom how anyone can go through life without being aware that how we treat ourselves is how we should treat others. It is a fundamental and core principle to treat others as we wish to be treated, yet even the supposed evangelical base in our country is more pharisee than christian. So on we go toward our own destruction by not facing reality with facts instead of talking point fiction. When we as a nation do hit that crossroads where death and realization fork, I wonder which road we will take? In my own mind I had never considered that we wouldn't do the tight thing but my mind's vision of an absolute is now in question.
     Each time I see another republican voted into public office I cringe and feel the sting of another of the hundreds of paper cuts we Americans continue to inflict upon ourselves. What we are doing is performing a suicide by not allowing ourselves to behave with dignity and respect. We are killing ourselves and I wonder when any therapy will be enough to save us! All I can do is fight against the death tide that is about to sweep us away and hope that enough of us stop believing in the fear and despair that republicans are trying mightily to sell us. We are not confined to being dense. We have the choice to break out from the maniacal republicans who keep winning elections in order to keep our death knell intact.

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