Sunday, April 30, 2017

It is absolutely them versus us! (#3012)

     They are the white male racists and we are the melting pot. The white male racists, who are led by our current president and his unshakable devout followers, have committed themselves to destroy that which is not them, which means us the melting pot. The melting pot is all of us who don't see color nor gender as a barrier to citizenship and opportunity. We are the vast majority in our nation and unfortunately through hook or crook have been duped into being led by the white male racists. There is no subtle differentiation here for those of us who are the melting pot. It is obvious and in our face. So the sooner we stop with the niceties of doubt the sooner we can fortify our position against the white male racists and put them back under the rocks from which they spawn.
     The ugliness that is now American politics is not going away any time soon and as we now see from the behavior and attitude coming from our current leader, it will only get worse. Those who are civilized enough should see that party politics is not the difference we need to address at the moment. It is hate versus acceptance. We will see who has the guts and the courage to protect democracy and who doesn't going forward. Democracy is at stake here in that the white male racists and their blind followers will not stop until they have the purity of their vision as a national reality. So don't pay attention to the national politics at your own peril. There is a time that is coming when the fork in the road is our very next choice so be prepared for it and don't let it catch you unawares.
     My destiny is what I want to die knowing is honorable and noble. That is why I am firmly in the melting pot group. Our nation was built by every different race, creed and gender on the planet. We are the melting pot of America and for some white male racists to come along and demand that we leave or die is not acceptable. The time is coming when we will all have to decide so take care to know what we are representing. If you hate others for no other reason than skin tone and gender then you should be with the white male racists. But if you don't hate for arbitrary reasons then you are a member of the melting pot and as such you are under attack right now.

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