Saturday, April 29, 2017

Perfecting our union if we survive trump (#3011)

     There are so many kinks in our democracy that need to be worked out but we are unable to focus on them at the moment while there is this con man as President and republicans in control of the Congress and Supreme Court. So as our democracy is stagnated by the wealth agenda of republicans and their donors the rest of us must be steadfast in our opposition to the current regime and it's policies despite the uncertainty of our actually surviving over the next little while of time. Not only will the gap between the wealthy and the rest of us grow under republican policies but the equality of opportunity for all Americans will shrink, unless of course you are a white male. I am a white male myself and instead of becoming a republican and basking in the limelight of opportunity, I would rather fight against this racial and gender segregation with all my might!
     Because the America I know has taught me that no matter the color of our skin or the gender we identify with, all humans are equally special. None of us is more unique as a member of our species than any other member of our species. America taught me that through the melting pot ideal. I was bused to an integrated school when I was beginning high school and what I learned there was that the fear of the differences we displayed initially, soon enough became a broad strength of enlightened perspective for me. I learned from our initial differences that no matter how different we lived our lives we all had the same common cores to us, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. My time in that imposed integrated school were some of the best times I have lived since.
     We all want to have a safe environment to raise our families in. We all want a chance to prove to ourselves and the world that we can succeed in our goals. We all want the same respect and dignity applied to our lives that we apply to those who strive as we do. There are no real differences between us other than the cultural inculcation we receive as maturing human beings in our regional surroundings. We may go about our lives in different ways that suit our comforts but our principles of honor stem from the same moral, just and ethical compass. We only separate ourselves out in through the fields of competition and merit. Some of us have greater strengths in some areas while some us have greater mental acuity and imaginations than others. However we differentiate, it is through our individual human abilities, nothing less and nothing more because when it comes down to it we all have the opportunity to become the best of who we are when our evolving and improving democracy is being valued.

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