Thursday, April 6, 2017

The evil that republican men do (#2988)

     I single out the men who are republicans from the women who are republicans because it is the men who lead their women around. Now that being said the women are also culpable since they choose to follow the republican men. I know things are more complicated than that but regardless, the fact is established as fact. The republican men are the ones though who are forging the path forward through their leadership roles that have been attained through our democratic process by hook and crook. The American citizenry is far more compassionate and curious than these current republican "neanderthal" men are capable of showing. They have taken civilization and turned it back into something worse than our old wild west. They take little care to promote democratic principles except to destroy them with vile rhetoric, majority rule law and executive order now that republicans control our legislative and executive processes.
     The republican men have the freedom now to let loose their worst natures with impunity. They are forcing their lusts and greedy selfish behaviors on the rest of us with an arrogance of a wild beast. For myself I have tamed what wild beast that had existed in me before I understood that civilization must have it's conformity to function. However, if need be I can summon the beast within me back to not only enrage, but to rage at the republican men who at heart are all cowards! Yes, their bravado is nothing but false courage protected by their money and ironically, what is left of our civilized codes of conduct. The worst natures of humanity are now on display here in America and it is just starting unless we can reverse the outcome of the 2016 election.
     How much more will the citizenry of America take of these brutish maniacal cowards? They need to be put out and in confines that reflect their nasty behaviors. I am living through this time and unless I end soon I should see how all this plays out. In my mind the revenge, yes revenge, against these cowardly republican men will be savored by me. They have unleashed the beast that is inside me only reserved for those whose actions have displayed the worst of human nature. I am not the only one who is outraged at republican men and to a slightly lesser degree republican women and the zero sum game they are playing that is heavily favored on their side for now but the worm will turn and the cost these despicable human beings are going to pay will directly reflect the benefit they have stolen from our American dream.

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