Thursday, April 20, 2017

The fear that drives the ignorance and cowardice of America (#3002)

     Unlike the individual citizen states people of the first democracies, we Americans are not worthy of being in their company. Not only did they realize that their own objective knowledge and understanding were important but just as important were their commitment to the whole of society. A dual responsibility to not only themselves but to the greater good. Which required sacrifices among the individual in order to make the whole stronger and more vital. We don't have that here in America. Instead we have too many who see their individual strengths and power as more important than the whole of society. In fact they disdain the idea of a society that would work to strengthen the whole.
     How far we have fallen from the initial intent of our founding to understand that all people are created equal. The concept of which is being played out in our society as the republican party quashes the idea of it's inception. Our founders created a democracy that would be the envy of the world and stretched the imagination of so many who ultimately sought, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness within a structure that evolved to grant that ability equally to all. We are now at a moment in time where the idea of capturing the hope and wishes of all born to this planet are instead being crushed. Nothing has ever come easy to modernizing and improving our society in all facets of it but we had not before in our history ever stopped working to make this world better for our children from what was given to us.
     All of that changed however on November 8th, 2016. We went from a progressing society to a stagnant one overnight. Now since that infamous date we are actually regressing. From making our world better for the victims we are now rewarding the robbers. It is as if Alice's Wonderland is now the rule and reality is the exception. Our devious mad hatter trump is trying to redefine what democracy is through an alternative explanation. The concept of up is down is his philosophy and those who do not agree with him are losers and haters who lie because they tell the truth. How have we Americans become the stooges instead of individual statesmen? It is because we fear as a rule and embrace ignorance as comforting. We did not earn our democracy we were given it and obviously we are incapable of the honor of not only protecting it but improving it as well.

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