Saturday, April 1, 2017

The miserableness of the republican party (#2983)

     I have said here in this blog many times that republicans are not happy people nor are they particularly caring people. As long as they get theirs they seem to satisfy their own existence. It is a sad commentary on their lives since they can only see what is directly in front of them and not what is out beyond their horizon. The survival of the fittest mentality is their motto and although they rarely admit it they do hold hard to it's principles. Why else would they feel redeemed when programs for the poor, elderly, women and veterans are cut from our national budget while the lavish lifestyle of the republican president doesn't bother them. Why else would an increase in military spending leave them silent at the expense of peaceful negotiating.
     I go further in my assessment of them by calling out their hatred for others who are not like them. I watch as they demean immigrants and refugees for no other reason than to satisfy their own inability to comprehend that we are all in this together. It isn't just hatred either that drives them to their bad behavior toward others, it is a lack of understanding more associated with ignorance and a misplaced arrogance. Somehow the white American working middle poor class has found itself feeling at home condescending to those who are not white. They, republicans, have embraced a racial movement not unlike the nazi's of last century's Germany that our grandparents actually fought and defeated in World War 2. How ironic that instead of being a nation of noble beings we would rather be traitorous scoundrels beholden to the wealthy instead of our own government.
    That the republican party has now chosen to align itself with a foreign power as a means to manipulate our democracy there is little reason left for them to hide in the shadows of deceit. Their ulterior motive is now exposed and we are at a crossroads in our nation as to what we will do next. The best of who we are is still within us and many of us, the large majority of Americans, are still patriots to democracy. We have a duty to the rule of law that we created some 240 years ago. A constitutional crisis is upon us and how we maneuver the levers of control over the next year will determine whether our little project of American democracy survives the onslaught perpetrated by the worst of what republican politics has become.

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