Monday, April 10, 2017

There is no accountability (#2992)

     How can I say that there is no accountability? Easily enough, we elected a carnival barker to lead us and he has rarely said anything factual. Yet the media continues to treat him deferentially and the investigations into his illicit practices have been effectively dismantled by him. There is still the FBI probe but it seems the longer it takes to gather it's evidence the further we get away from that evidence ever seeing the light of day. To me it seems so inevitable that the carnival barker will be the new reality and no amount of independent journalism will be able to over shadow the corporate media's ability to control the narrative that they want to dominate.
     So as we enter into a new phase of alternative reality as our priority. The logic and common sense previously held as the foundation of our society is being diminished as less than relevant. Having to accept that we will be in for an uprooting of all the values we held as American democracy, such as equality of opportunity and justice being blind and fairness the hallmark of maintaining order, will be difficult but necessary since we have no other course to follow that will unite us in opposition to it. I say that with a heavy heart since I am a battler and having to let go of the fight against the worst of our natures leading our destruction is still unfathomable to me.
     Unless and until some form of accountability is proven we are destined to only have our wills to resist as our last line of defense. How our lives will be affected is going to be harsh and when it gets harsh it will get even worse. That is the nature of not stopping the worst of who we are, we will keep finding new lows to be shoved into. The time to stop the trumps is now and if we wait any longer we won't have the necessary force to push back. The big problem is that the media as it is now is starting to normalize the trumps instead of standing up for the real truth of things and not the alternative truths trumps would have us swallow.

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