Tuesday, April 4, 2017

When equality and justice are class driven (#2986)

     So what kind of political system is it when the wealthy or powerful have a different set of laws governing them then the rest of us citizens? What do you call that? Governance through privilege and advantage? We are less a democracy today then we are some form of corporatocracy and twisted aristocracy/theology combined. Somehow we have let the powers that want to be in charge, to take charge by not paying attention or being fooled by their incessant divisive rhetoric. We are now there as the current political climate clearly illustrates. The slap down we the working middle poor class are getting through decree, presidential executive orders, and through congressional legislation all coming from the republican party. They are in control now and their long sought after destruction of democratic principles is being realized.
     What bothers me today is the fact of the wealthy and powerful being given passes on breaking laws as if the laws the rest of us have to answer to do not apply to them. They are demigods in their minds so their trampling of our constitution is nothing to them if it gets in the way of them attaining even more power and/or wealth. This is just such a sad time to be living in right now. The masses, we, seem to be helpless to stop the greedy insanity that is gripping our leaders and many of us who vote for them. It is obvious to me that living in a free democratic society we need to have impenetrable laws that keep the wealthy from gaining power over our government as a rule to stop any of this current type of political and social manipulation.
     If ever we liberals gain back control of our government, and that is a big if, then the first act must to be to make public financing of our elections our first order of legislation. When we get money out of our politics is when we can run candidates for office that have to appeal to voters for their votes instead of the wealthy who decide who can run and what message that candidate has. No more of the large money donors dictating to potential candidates what policy positions to take. Candidates for public office will have to appeal to the voters with policies that actually help the masses, we working middle poor class, for their votes, not to the privileged and advantaged for theirs.

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