Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The despot who is our illegitimate leader (#3043)

     Our democracy has failed us. Somehow the rich and powerful have pulled off a coup without us really being aware of it. They have worked to undermine our intelligence and our process for electing leaders. Through voter suppression and false information that we know of and conjectured fraud in vote tabulating, the fix is in and it is called trump. The republican party has been the vessel for this nefarious crime against freedom and liberty and they hardly deny it. They are an arrogant bunch who see themselves as the masters of the world and are not likely persuaded that they are wrong. Their champion, trump, is the epitome of the ridiculous and deathly vision. He has sold his soul to the wealthy and powerful and no amount of hope or wishful thinking will change his itinerary.
     He is a despot in every sense of the word. He is abusing his power as our leader while oppressing us to his whims. There is not a doubt among the many of us that his illegitimate rise to power is just another step toward a two class system, envisioned by republicans here in America. The wealthy and the poor are those two classes and no amount of hand wringing over it will save the middle class. The only change to this treasonous plan is to investigate, build evidence, vote them out and then prosecute them to the fullest extent of legal punishment. Not much can be done politically until the next round of elections in 2018 but we can continue to build our legal case against them. When the power has shifted back to democrats for the House and Senate is when we can then bring the kind of irresistible force necessary to ultimately crumble the plot of the trumps.
     In the meantime we need to stay steadfast in our resistance against them not allowing for any movement backward that further deteriorates our democracy. We must fight them on any and all levels where they are trying to implement their cruel and brutish agenda. The time is coming for the next round of elections and anything short of a victory for democrats in both houses will bot be enough to dislodge the republican party from the Presidency. We need our democratic avalanche to hit in 2018 in order to secure the fate of the disgraced trump and his acolytes who are now trying to cement their victory for the foreseeable future. Our democracy demands that our leaders be servants, not tyrants or despots!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The depth of republican party treason (#3042)

     Not a day goes by without some new revelation that republicans were in it up to their vulnerable necks. By "it" I mean collusion to commit treason against the United States of America. From accepting massive donations from Russian sources to finance their political campaigns to coordinating with Russians on how to undermine their Democratic opponents. That republicans would put our last great known enemy above American citizens is evidence enough that republicans care for only one thing, that being attaining and keeping power. Helping Americans with succeeding in their lives is not the republican agenda, stealing wealth and power is!
     Yet as we have seen, the republican party is not being punished for their actions and behaviors. In fact they are often rewarded by an electorate that has no interest nor care in what they are doing. It is like too many of our electorate cannot fathom that one of our American political parties would deliberately harm us. Their minds won't let them wrap their thoughts around it. Well the time for being ignorant or willfully dissonant is over. Real harm and irreparable damage is at hand and unless the majority of our electorate can come to grips with it we are headed for the dissolution of our democracy. Their is only one real act left we fighters for democracy have left to us, voting. Yes, we need to vote out all republican politicians who have linked themselves to the trumps or more notably to destroying the working middle poor class.
     Never in the history of our nation has such a simple solution been afforded us that didn't involve going to war with ourselves. If we vote for political solutions that enhance our democracy and involve all our citizenry we can turn back the tide of tyranny. It is a real tide flowing hard at us and if we don't make up our minds shortly that democracy is coming to an end then it will be too late for us. I for one will fight like those who we honor on Memorial Day to keep our democracy and oust every republican politician who is currently sitting in office or wants to be. Our democracy demands it if we are to keep it and the republican party deserves it's punishment for selling out our great nation for 30 pieces of silver!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Belief systems are killing us! (#3041)

     Let me state my stance here about belief systems. It is fine to have a belief system for one's own personal journey through life. I am spiritual in my heart and that tie with everything in and out of the Universe is my comfort in life. We all need some way to deal with the at times harsh realities and having a connection with someone or something greater than ourselves is often what we need. However, my spiritual bond with all things is not my public political stance. I am gifted with the luck to have been born as a citizen of a country that established democracy as it's guiding principle. So that no matter what, or not, each of our personal beliefs or spiritual connections we attach to ourselves, there is no discrimination.
     However there are many in our nation who are against each of us having the right to decide which or not if any comfort in the belief or spiritual sense we may choose. Instead they want to force us to accept what they think is the best belief system. Taking my choice away as to how I journey through life is not democratic, it is tyrannical. Let me also state here what a belief system is. In my words, a belief system is a hope. So hoping that there is a god or a spiritual connection out there is not a logical proof, it is more akin to an expectation based upon faith, not fact. So forcing anyone to accept that which is not a proven fact is brutish and mentally deranged. We should be forced to only accepting facts and truths instead. Why is it that too many of us have chosen to not only accept a belief system over fact, but to force others to accept it as well?
     My best guess is that there is a good but misguided intent behind it. Many see a salvation of sorts when we all are on the same page, the cookie cutter approach to living. The problem with this is that each of us is fiercely independent. We live in a finite existence and our time is short relatively speaking. So our first and best inclination is to experience life for all it's worth before our time is up. We don't want to side track ourselves from facts and truths of things. It is against our natures to live in a fantasy that we hope is true. Instead we fall back on our own better instincts of care and curiosity. We try to feel good and make others feel good while we search and learn about this existence. One more thing, more wars have been started over religious conflicts than any other reason. Consider that!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

My justified uncivilized behavior (#3040)

     I know I have reverted to a crude and distasteful version of myself. It is strategic. I have not all of a sudden shown my true form as a nasty brutish out of control asshole. No, I have decided that I will no longer be civilized in my critique of worse assholes when I debate, argue or define them after they open their act and state their filthy intent. No one loves civilized society more than I do. I cherish the concept of adding to dialogue and thought in ways that invigorate our minds to greater understandings. Yet that is not what this currently is about here in America. I am one hundred percent behind the strategy to hit below the waist with the ones who would kill us if they had their druthers. So when I get a critique about the use of my language it is like me hearing someone tell me to be nice while they hack my head off. It doesn't logically compute.
     Another benefit of my unbound rants is that others can silently agree without crossing that line that I most joyfully rocketed over. I come from a beginning of rough and tumble life lessons that were more based in cruel and brutish lessons so the fact that I rose above that to make something decent of myself is evidence of my own desire to have and live in a better world. But when those trumps and a majority of the republican party take my desire to be civilized and turn it into a mockery through pain and suffering is why I now reach back into my past and become the ruthless speaker of truth no matter what crude language I use to describe them. My verbiage is not the point of my dialogue but it is now the angry vessel I utilize to deliver it.
     Eventually if I survive the trumps of the world currently in power here in America, I will gladly and humbly return to expressing myself as an enlightened normal intellectually advancing being. But until that comes back around the trumps and their followers will get the nasty brutish version of me as their reward for killing us without as much as a by your leave. Strategic, not devolving. I am just utilizing all of who I am or was to fit the horrendous narrative being thrust upon us without our consent. I am many things but what I would choose to be is honorable, noble and kind. When the time for that comes back is when I will be the best version of what makes me proud and what I hope can inspire pride in others. Until then though, it is the harsh brutish Carl who will tolerate nothing less than the best of what humanity should be.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Traitors, treason and collusion, the republican way! (#3039)

     If you can't win with your policies then lie, cheat and steal any way you can. That is how republicans win elections. But now they have gone a bridge too far. By aligning with the Russians, the republican party has sold out it's American soul for pieces of silver and the power to oppress people. I see it clearly but many as of yet still do not. However I am not the only one who sees it. Many of my like minded associates do as well. And here is the kicker, many of the previous republican voters are now seeing it as well. The republican propaganda machine is still operable and can still deliver victories like in Montana the other day but less and less are believing them while republicans are spending more and more not to lose more ground.
     The offenses of being a traitor through treasonous acts is coming to light regardless of how republicans collude to deny the evidence. There are enough checks and balances left in our government to keep the truth of things moving to the forefront. As the steady flow of truth is exposed to light the more the republican party cowers back to scurrying under the damp rocks from which their ideology spawned. But they will have nowhere to hide when the dastardly effects of their crimes take hold. We the American people may be a whole lot of ignoramuses at times but we can also resolve ourselves toward punishing those who would sacrifice us for their own pleasure and profit. There will be no mercy for those republicans who are caught out but continue to harm and and put in peril the greatest nation the known world has ever created.
     The agenda of republican politics is a nasty and brutish one. Make the working middle poor class suffer and pay an unbearable cost while giving the wealthy all the advantage and privilege that only benefits them. I am all for public humiliation and harsh penalties for those who do get their hands caught selling out our nation for their own enrichment. Treason has happened here with the trumps and the republican party and the time for them to pay for their despicable actions and behaviors is at hand. Memorial day is upon us and to think of those who gave their all to defend and protect democracy is in contrast to these current republicans who give nothing of themselves and everything from the rest of us for their own selfishness. The day of reckoning will soon be upon them!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Montanans fail the test (#3038)

     It is not as if Montanans didn't try, it is just that when the trying was done it still fell short of showing a decency that could have easily been expressed. They voted for the republican to represent them in Congress even though the republican backed the trump agenda. Now I know that less of them backed last night's candidate (8%) than did in November of last year for trump (20%), but given how much the trumps are destroying our nation I had hoped a majority of Montanans would have been less ignorant. Still though given the voting record of Montana as a deep red state some improvement toward enlightenment was shown.
     Yet there is little to celebrate other than the fact that a tide is coming in a backlash to trump and republican politics. While nothing much has changed since the House seat was already a republican one before the election and that the next general election will be here in less than 18 months, the feel of a Democratic wave is nonetheless real. I have been around politics long enough to know that it isn't common for our electorate to get it all at once. But the encouragement from Montana's failure to break the republican held seat is that it took a lot more effort than normally required for the republican to hold it. That is our encouragement. Folks are starting to see that the republican party is not for the working middle poor class.
     So on we go to California, (June 6th), Georgia and South Carolina (June 20th) for the next round of congressional special elections. No doubt the first democratic win will come on June 6th, as for Georgia and South Carolina they could be too close to call on their election night. But if the trend toward anti trump and anti republican policies continues we could be more than happy come June 21st. Always tricky though and the republicans will spend their millions on hiding their destructive nature and instead try to turn us against ourselves. We will see what the results will be but as long as republicans keep working against our interests the more many of us will stop supporting them. Let's hope the democratic wave finally hits this month.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The ignorance of the American electorate continues today or maybe not (#3037)

     By later tonight we will know just how far the awakening of the American electorate has proceeded, or not. The special congressional election in Montana will reveal the ability of the American electorate to think in a somewhat critical fashion. Over the last 4 months we have seen just how the republican party plans to deal with national politics and if loyalty to party is greater than loyalty to our nation on whole then the republicans will prevail today in a largely republican district. However, if the fact that republicans are seen as the party protecting the wealthy and alternatively the party that wishes to destroy the working middle poor class then maybe we will see a different outcome with the democrat winning the republican district.
     It is all a matter of degrees I hope and I also hope that the line between loyalty to a party that is against the republican voter is a line that has already been crossed. The republican in the race is for the trump agenda and is also now a criminal in waiting after his assault of a journalist last night and his being charged with misdemeanor assault with plenty of witnesses to prove the charge. But since many votes have already cast their ballots through the absentee process, we will have to wait and see what the election day republican voters will do. My guess is that many will still vote with their loyalty to a nonexistent narrative republicans have maintained through deceptive campaigning but I hope I am wrong.
     I have hoped in the past to be wrong as well and that did not work out then. Yet this time the republican narrative is harder to hide so my hope has some validity this time around. We will see by the end of tonight. How our electorate came to be so ignorant and abusive of the melting pot concept when the ill of our national economy is not on the working side but on the money making profit side. The wealthy have stacked the deck against workers and have effectively turned the blame back on us. Well the evidence is clear that we the working middle poor class are not the ones benefiting instead it is the wealthy and their republican enabling politicians. Will Montana wake up and vote today to end the ripoff that republicans have cleverly disguised or will we once again fall into the trap of staying loyal to a party regardless of how badly it treats us?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The fallacy of conservatism (#3036)

     Think about this. What has conservatism done for you? On it's own, nothing. Now if you think about what both liberal and conservative policies have in common, we can find unity. Both are for free enterprise, although liberal philosophy of free enterprise is a system of checks and balances that look to equalize the effects of free enterprise across the whole of society, instead of just to favor those who have power, like with conservatism. What else do conservative and liberals have in common? Private ownership. Now liberals know that private ownership is a treasured value but it is not the whole of what a democracy can succeed from. While conservatives believe that private ownership is above democratic values and more in line with a survival of the fittest doctrine that holds no such esteem for democracy.
     I tried to be fair here in giving conservatism a foundation that has value but even I could not accomplish that. So it is fair to say that nothing of real value from conservatism is not already part of what liberalism and progressivism offer. Now what else does conservatism trumpet? It is in opposition to change and or innovation. Look at how we as a nation and world are trying to adapt our technologies to climate change but cannot get most republicans to even agree that there is a problem. As to traditional values being a conservative mantra, I give you untold and told scandals by the hundreds with just republican politicians violating oaths of marriage to oaths of allegiances. So no, conservatives do not uphold traditional values unless of course they can be exempt from themselves. Liberals on the other hand believe in tradition as well as evolution of thought and behavior.
     So in the final analysis, it can be easily concluded that conservatism is a subset of liberal progressive thought. A far more crude and unfair model on it's own to be more precise. It is my contention that in reality we are mostly all liberal progressives, it is just that some of us, by degree, are more conservative in our approach and some are more expansive. Either way change and innovation only come about through liberal progressive thinking. Not only that but society benefits on whole because there are safeguards and procedures for applying our talents to all of what we do. Nothing of a societal benefit has ever come from conservatism while everything has advanced our society because it is and was a liberal progressive thought.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

No legitimizing the liars, cheaters and thieves (#3035)

     Never will any republican get any legitimizing comment from me. Now every now and then one or two or three of them will do the right thing, however, doing the right thing once in awhile is not penance for all the wrong things that they are still doing. So when some are congratulated for doing the right thing I cringe because doing the right thing is an expectation not an exception. Congratulating someone for doing the right thing once in a while also sets a bad precedent. Like if I do a good thing once in a while I can then revert back and do wrong things under cover of the rare right thing done. Instead, I choose to lambaste those who do wrong and not lambaste those who do right. That way the expected right is passed over for a lambasting while the wrong doers get the full brunt of my anger.
     I may get some plaque as an award at the end of my life for doing a whole bunch of good things and at that time that is almost an acceptable tribute for not being an asshole. But that is all it means, I wasn't a full time asshole who hid behind some few good things in order to justify my own distorted sense of self worth. So no, I don't like it when a rotten person in or out of power does something good and then some start to hail them as decent folks. No, the decency is not earned by a rare occurrence of doing the ordinarily right thing. Decency is given when a lifetime of doing good things has been achieved or a pattern so entrenched in doing the right thing that not doing the right thing is unthinkable.
     It is like our current dilemma. We have a republican president and a republican congress that fits the bill for doing mostly wrong and occasionally a right thing. So by my calculus they get nothing from me but disdain and a calling out from me until their time in public service is either cut short, or ends with their terms being up. Either way, they will never be legitimate nor will their defenders ever be legitimized. If my existence on this planet is to be what I know is right and good then I will not ever compromise down from that right and good but instead force those who cannot nor will not embrace the best of who we humans are to reevaluate their position up from harmful selfishness.

Monday, May 22, 2017

I remain steadfast in my approach to non liberal/progressive voters (#3034)

     I still have no time in my life for those who would support trumps and their policies. I don't care who it is, close family or distant friend, their is no acknowledgement that you even exist. I am harsh that way but it is because I will not coddle nor put up with those who would support a republican party that discriminates against people of color, looks upon our mighty beautiful women as a sub class of humans and who think that the poor chose to be so. Why would I even consider associating with anyone who would make the republican party's policies the status quo? There is but one solid weapon I have against the many ignorant who are otherwise good people until they start thinking they know things that don't exist, and that is me.
     My presence, or lack thereof, in their lives is their reward or punishment. If they choose to want to help the working middle poor class instead of making life harder then they get to stay in my life. If they don't then they get nothing from me not even a recognition that they exist. I know it isn't much of an incentive or punishment but it is the only one I can control absolutely. There are too many people going through too many hardships this and every moment for me to ever forget what the republican party and their ignorant voters are making to happen. I am principled that way. I know many like me who know in our hearts that living a more virtuous life is not some dream but whatever reality we can make it. Sure the cynics out there know that they can get away with things instead of being honorable people but that is their choice, not mine nor like minded folks.
     We are the best of what humans can be when we see ourselves as all equals in whatever path we choose to take. The idea that some of us have the gall to place objections on others or obstruct their lives simply based upon their own unreal personal concept of reality, is despicable. This is what the republican party does. It takes it's own concept of reality which is not real and attempts to make the rest of us a supplicant to it. Whether through hardship or hate, they don't care. So if you choose to continue to support the worst of what humanity is by voting for republicans then don't ever expect to hear from or see me.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

My hope grows each day I wake up anew (#3033)

     Well, I, we are not dead yet. I fully expected that trump would have caused some kind of catastrophe by now that would have inflicted mass deaths and casualties. It has been now well over 100 days and nothing horrible as to a devastating death toll has taken place. That could all come to an end at any moment as I see it but so far so good. Apparently we have just enough checks and balances left to keep the man/child from throwing us out there as cannon fodder. Not that he isn't trying to make our lives more miserable, we the working middle poor class majority in America.
But as to a widespread killing us off it has not happened yet.
     So my hope does grow now every day that I wake up that maybe we will get through this national nightmare somehow. I don't know how since their isn't much to civilized logic to draw from with the trumps. They seem to want to safeguard our enemies more than they want to safeguard Americans. Ironic isn't it? It would seem that things would make a whole lot more sense if trump was actually president of Russia. However that would never happen with the murderous putie in control over there. So with each day I feel less and less like the dead man I attributed to myself the day after the election and more like a living one who has no clue what our next near future will do to us.
     I will take the less dead and more clueless soul I am about the near future as a positive and with any kind of good luck and tireless effort, maybe all of us will actually survive to see an end to the trumps and a new beginning despite every trick republicans will try to pull to rig the election again in their favor. I wont get ahead of myself here with hopeful dreaming and instead I will keep fighting for the sanctity of our votes and the promotion of liberal/progressive policies and candidates. If I keep myself busy doing those things the time will hopefully keep marching on without many of us dying because of the trumps and their ignorant lust for wealth and power.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Enough of the trumps and republicans! (#3032)

     There is no doubt now as to the ineptitude, whether intentional or not, that the trumps have shown to having no respect for the idea of a "melting pot" nation. They as well treat our nation as their own little fiefdom filled with riches and glory at their disposal. They have taken what is best about our nation that has been built up over 240 years and tried to make it their own. This last election was not about electing a leader who is the servant of the people. Instead it was about electing a con man who is out to fleece the American people with impunity. We were fooled once again by the wealthy into thinking that the republican party was our savior. That we we allowed ourselves to be fooled is still to this day one of the most embarrassing and disgraceful events we have put upon ourselves.
     I include all of us in this even though nearly 3 million more votes came in for former Secretary Clinton. We did not do enough to make sure our elections were safe and free from external and internal influence. The "rigging" has been going on for decades through outside interference and internal voter disenfranchisement and we let it happen without raising the alarms to such a level as to force us to reverse the republican agenda of voter suppression and outright lies against republican opponents. We Americans deserved this horrible outcome because we fell asleep at the wheel of our democracy. We quit being the guardians of democracy so we could blissfully enjoy the fruits attained by our fore/parents. We didn't earn it but we sure as hell spent it like we deserved it.
     Now we must awaken from our stupor and put our shoulders back on the wheel of progress and push it back into a forward motion. This will require us to stop voting for the liars and cheats that have infiltrated and now form the foundation of the republican party. There is only one way forward and that is through a purging of every republican who is running for or currently holds public office. We need to get the democrats back into power in not only the Presidency, but the Congress and ideologically a liberal/progressive majority on the US Supreme Court. As well as return power back to democrats in the statehouses where the local politics stir the melting pot and give us our best solutions going forward.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The penalty for attempting to destroy our democracy (#3031)

     There should be no leniency when it comes to individuals or groups who act with the intent to tear down our democratic society so that they can enrich and empower themselves over us. Think about what is happening in our federal government. We have a scoundrel leading a pack of scoundrels trying desperately to hold onto power they dubiously attained. Why? Because they have an opportunity to not only bleed our federal treasury for favored contracts to themselves through their accomplices but they are in position to restructure our economy so that the working middle poor class is left with less opportunity to gain wealth while the wealthy are advantaged to gain more wealth. The ideals of fairness and justice are being stampeded in the name of greed.
     We are seeing this happen before our very eyes and all of us seem to be so stunned that we cannot think of how to stop it. We expect some magical entity within our government to step up and put a halt to it except that we have left or allowed all the power over any agency to stop the trumps in the hands of the trumps. Now there may be a glimmer of hope in that at least one agency is trying to defend the rule of law, which sides with democratic values more than it sides with enriching the wealthy even more. So some movement may happen that allows our judicial system to try and convict the trumps of their "alleged" crimes. I laughingly use alleged in parentheses because for me they are crimes when the products of their legislation and orders prove it.
     So now what do we do with these rotten souls who would have subjected us to a cruel and suffering existence if they are caught out? It is plain to me that deterrence in this instance is the appropriate tack to take in deciding punishment. Never again should a nation like ours have to relive this nightmare. So the punishment must be harsh and swift. Not only that but public so that all can see what a disgrace looks like and how we treat those who would try to undo the laws of an enlightened society. As each of these criminals is to receive their punishment remember that anyone who would wrong the whole of society should have no mercy when it comes to what they deserve. They would have inflicted their harm on all of us so their individual punishments are still far less than the total pain they would have caused.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

My anger at republicans is real and justified! (#3030)

     If anyone at all knows me they can easily tell that I have little regard for those who are bad people. I don't tolerate them in my real life nor my Internet life. I tell it like it is without anyone's consent to how I do the telling. I am as real as it gets. Yet I do reserve myself at times in order to make sure that my anger is really justified. I have spent my more than 6 decades being a less than person to the republican party in their eyes. I don't know about you, but I was hurt by that at the beginning. However I have since grown in maturity and wisdom and can now see that their judgment of me was based upon factors that are not equal nor fair. So it has caused a change in me. Not only am I angry at them for being the worst of what Americans should see themselves as but I am angry at them for making me feel ashamed of myself.
     So when I go off on them without reservation to language or intent, it is because they have earned my wrath. For one thing, it isn't about what they do to just me. It is about what they do to all of us as a general rule. The most dishonest greedy political party ever to have gained a foothold into American politics is in control right now. They have aimed their long sought after agenda of killing off our middle class and corrupting our voting process so much that already too many eligible voters have been denied the vote because of republican restrictive policies,  With republicans in control in many states the right to vote has been cut through fear and strongman tactics.
     So again when I go off on a rant of epic proportions it isn't because I am a feckless individual looking to draw attention to myself. No, it is because I am so angry at what is happening that I cannot fathom the idea of not screaming at the top of my lungs the treason to democracy that republicans are allowed to manufacture with impunity. I don't care for the value of my own life if the world I have to live in requires me to accept this current republican vision. Like our fore/parents who fought all sorts of attacks on our democracy with all they had to save it, I too am not settling for the worst of who our species are in the form of republicanism, and I damn well will let her rip when calling republicans out!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

No civilized conversation with the nation destroying republicans! (#3029)

     Be nice? What the fuck! I got nice right here on the end of my fist is the nice I have for republicans. I have been telling anyone who would listen in civilized terms for decades that republicans are out to destroy our democracy and that didn't fucking work. I am pissed off right now because there are still some liberal progressives who think we can reason with republicans. Bullshit bullshit bullshit! They have got all what they have always wanted, control of our levers of power and they don't give a shit what any of us try to argue or debate them about. They are going ahead with their dastardly agenda if they can get past themselves.
     So the time for being nice or playing by civilized rules left many decades ago. We have to fight for every inch we can stop them from moving toward their agenda, which by the way is to destroy the middle class and make us all lower class while they enjoy the upper class. Get it through your civilized heads that there isn't a choice here. No amount of civilized discourse is going to change what they have dreamed of doing since the Reagan years. So sharpen your tongues and let her rip when you get a chance to let your voice out. This is not a time for niceties, this is time for the brutal truth of calling out the pigs for being the pigs.
     Remember, republicans want us to think that what they are doing is normal. Killing off our economy so that the wealthy are the only ones benefiting. Taking away health care making it a privilege not a right. Squashing attempts by unions to protect workers and bargain for living wages. Denying many the right to vote through economics and social prejudices. Making women feel like less than equals and turning them into pleasure vessels for men to use and toss away. This is the republican agenda and if you see anything normal about that then you don't deserve democracy. Meanwhile the rest of us have got to take the lead in stopping these fucking republicans no matter what lie spews out of their mouths. I got no civilized conversation for republicans except to tell them that I am coming for them with a vengeance!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Every republican politician must pay in 2018 for what they have done! (#3028)

     There are no more excuses republican voters have to justify their voting for the republican party. We have seen what republicans do when they control Congress and the Presidency. We have seen what republicans do when they control the Supreme Court. We have seen enough to know we don't want to see anymore! We Americans have always stood on the side of fairness and justice when we led the world out of it's dangers. Yet we are not that country anymore with republicans in control. As shown we are a sniveling cowardly bunch that strikes up friendships with our enemies of democracy and shun our true allies in the fight against tyranny.
     This has all come about because we voters have given the republican party a pass on them representing us for our concerns and instead have let them lead us with their concerns. The republican party has been bought by wealthy influences that take the representative of the people away and replaced it with representative of the wealthy. If anyone still cannot see this then eternal shame on them! For those of us who do see this then the time to stop being loyal like a non critical thinking human to the republican party is over! No more can we vote for people who refuse to address the concerns of the vast majority of us Americans, the working middle poor class.
     No more can we allow the wealthy to dictate what our society should look like or how it should operate. The republican party that represents the worst of the wealthy among us has nothing for the vast majority of the rest of us and therefore should not get our votes these coming special elections this year and especially the elections of 2018 and beyond. I don't care if you have voted for republicans as a tradition your whole lives, these republicans are anti-democratic so you must choose were your real loyalty belongs. Is it with our founders who created a democratic form of government or is it with these current republicans who want to take our democracy away and give all the power to the wealthy? Well?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Republicans in the House voted to take away health care for 24 million Americans (#3027)

It took 217 votes in the House for republicans to pass their bill to take away health care from 24 million working middle poor class Americans, This is what the republican elected representative officials of our nation did. The 217 votes were ALL from republicans, not one democrat voted for this bill, Next year all 217 republican House representatives are up for reelection. So we the American people will have it fresh in our memories that republicans find that taking health care away from Americans who can least afford to lose it, is more important than making sure all Americans have health coverage.
     Republicans control the Congress and the Presidency so they easily could have passed a bill that made health care possible for all Americans but instead they choose to take it away from 24 million folks. Why you may ask would republicans do this? Well the answer is plain if you look at the effect of the bill those 217 republicans in the House passed. If it becomes law, the wealthy receive a huge tax break while the rest of us lose coverage and will pay higher taxes, So republicans have backed the wealthy, of which there are a little over 10 million here in America, That republicans refused to back the rest of us approximately 310 million who are not wealthy doesn't seem to concern them.
     Well republicans may have miscalculated this time. Although nearly half of the 310 million non wealthy will likely continue to not vote, The other half will and with the eye opening loss of health care for many of us the difference between republican and democrat will be crystal clear. Surely republicans will be counting on the propaganda their wealthy donors will orchestrate during the next election cycle in 2018, but not all wealthy are for republicans so many of those non republican wealthy will side with democrats and help offset the resources spent by the republican wealthy to create chaos in our decision making processes. The time is coming next year to make all the House republicans pay for their vote to take away health care for 24 million of us who can least afford to lose it.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Despite the trumps, we keep our dignity (#3026)

     No matter how hard that gut punch was to each of us on November 8th, 2016, we who felt it have not let up our struggle to limit the damage. We could have lowered our heads into our chests and accepted the defeat we all felt but we didn't. Instead we organized opposition to trumps like never before. We realized that the only hope we have of denying trump his agenda of destroying what is left of our working middle class was to disengage from any motion that helped the trump plan. Instead we moved to resist and protest against any and all of his heartless agenda. That republicans are aiding the alleged treasonous president has also invigorated us to rail against the republican party like never before.
     Our voices of reason and civil discourse are now littered with invective aimed at the lying cheating trumps and the republican party. We are not anymore the quiet reserved logical beings we had hoped all of our citizens would be, instead we democrats are angry and spitting mad at the direction the trumps and the republican party are driving their agenda. So we give them no quarter, no safe harbor from which they try to lie to us about their intent. We call them out on their lies and shame them in front of the public as if it were as natural as anything. We democrats have found our voices and the sound coming from us is not nice and easy but hard and fast. We will not tolerate the trumps and their America destroying tactics.
     I for one am hopeful that we democrats, aided by independents and some republicans who are now aware of their party's nefarious intent, are standing united in our opposition to trumps. There are some coming House elections which may prove the value of our opposition. If the election in the Georgia race goes to we democrats it will be the harbinger of things to come that we democrats all hope will come about. There is still time for us to do more to make these coming House races more secure if we can so we should not stop our opposition to the trumps until we can get them out of office and then turn our country back toward enlightened progress and modernization.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Campaign finance reform (#3025)

     The trumps came about because we allow private financing of our elections. If we only allowed public financing of our elections there would be exponentially less advertising that is false or confusing. We would be electing individuals based upon their ideas, not their smear campaigns. It is a simple concept to grasp but our supposedly most august body, the US Supreme Court, would or could not understand it. Instead they choose to make private financing easier so that more of the wealthy could control the narrative of our elections. Just to go further here the US Supreme Court also allowed for easing of voter protections for the states so that republican led states were able to restrict and purge more eligible voters off the voting rolls.
     I don't think it is a stretch now to say that the US Supreme Court is not our fount of wisdom nor our defender of democracy. Nowhere can you find democrats who are willing to restrict voting beyond traditional basic parameters like age of consent or criminal activity. However everywhere you can find republicans who are willing to not only restrict voting but to have tests implemented to weed out voters that don't think like them. All of this seems to get hidden behind the relentless subjection to advertising that focuses on dividing us instead of bringing us closer together. The republican mantra of divide and conquer is their number one priority because they do not appeal to our better instincts instead the appeal to our worst natures to get their votes.
     It is obvious to many of us what is going on but too many are fooled by the republican strategy of divide and conquer. So while the truth of things get little coverage the lies and falsehoods flood the news cycle and advertising slots in our media. If the wealthy were not able to spend enormous amounts of money to deceive us we would all be better off. The truth of things would be more readily available for us to consider and that is when I do believe we are at our best as a nation. The public financing of elections is past due and until we finally get it, we will keep getting the trumps of the world instead of the statesmen/women we actually deserve. It will not be easy supplanting the wealthy as they like controlling things but we still live in a democracy and as such we the people are or should be in control.

Friday, May 12, 2017

The trumps are swirling the toilet bowl (#3024)

     Talk about your cling ons! These trumps are grasping for any hand hold as they are swirling down into the sewer of wasted life. I can only imagine that the staunchest supporters of the trumps are pulling their hands back from the stench that is trump. That the supporters of trumps kept them afloat this long speaks to their complicity and greed, which will be examined after the trumps have finished their long drop into ignominy. The trumps tried like hell to consolidate their power with the traitorous republican party but not enough of them could commit to the carnival barking slow witted fool. He was unable to form any kind of coalition even among his own fomenting voter base.
     So down he will go because he never stopped his duplicitous behavior and actions. Speaking lies to power got him so far but since he peaked he has hit a wall he didn't build, unmistakable truth! How his end will come about is not crystal clear yet but that it will end is now a momentum that he cannot stop. He is a desperate man/child now so what he adds to the already heaping pile of evidence will only hasten his fall. He will go further in his death throe against the decency and common sense of our humanity and constitution enough to seal his fate sooner than later. After all the trump is a narcissist and power hungry egoist so whatever he has to do to keep his ego satisfied will undoubtedly prove his mental imbalance.
    I admit that this is what I hope for short of him throwing nuclear bombs out at any shadow to change the narrative. Hopefully the rational that are left in our government and rule of law will handcuff him from any overt act that brings us to annihilation. The case studies in the aftermath of the "trump episode" should prove enlightening to any and all who care to put objectivity above their own subjective persuasions. How all the trumps recede from our national consciousness is still to be determined but the toilet has been flushed and the trumps are the waste that is swirling down and out to the betterment of America and the world at large.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

We need the smoking gun (#3023)

     The trumps so far have been able to dodge and evade any real crime that can be punishable because they are not up against any absolute evidence of their treason nor corruption. A smoking gun type piece of evidence will be needed. Most likely this piece of evidence exists but is not available yet due to a system wide cover up within the trump administration. But like so many large conspiracies eventually one person or more gets caught out and then they are willing to "spill the beans". I look at the trump administration and I see a dearth of intellectual prowess that is needed to possibly get out from under the investigatory microscope of that they are currently under. In other words the trumps aren't smart enough to pull off their duplicity.
     So as we continue to investigate as best we can despite all that party loyalty republicans are using to shield the trumps, the more we find the weak spots in the conspiracy. It also helps that the trumps are making mistakes in their cover up. Lying to the public and firing investigators can only benefit those of us who know in our hearts that the trumps are rotten to the core and will do anything to feed and protect that rottenness. But time is on our side and when we do start to take down the lesser players in the trump conspiracy we will get our smoking gun as a reward for not relenting in the face of threats and punishments. We are not the smartest people on the planet given our penchant for being duped and electing con men to our government, but we are not the dumbest people on the planet either and despite our deficiencies we have some positives, like not being deceived and shamed.
     We the American people do not like to be hoodwinked and when we find out that we have been, those who supported the "winking of the hood" will be dealt with commensurately. The worst of our politics is now in charge and the only silver lining here is that their agenda will finally be exposed beyond all the propaganda that they throw at it. It is almost as if we needed to cleanse our politics by exposing those who have been hiding behind the corrupt wealthy and their control over the narrative. Well no narrative now will stop the truth from coming out as the republicans are totally in control so the blame cannot move out beyond them and there will be blame given as shown by the already unmasked republican agenda. The smoking gun of redemption is nearer and nearer to being exposed and as we continue to pressure those the trumps are not hesitant to sacrifice the sooner that smoking gun will reveal it's indisputable evidence.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The silver spooned cruel manchild president (#3022)

     I don't know how else to label him. Given that he was raised in advantage and privilege, he cares not a whit about the working middle poor class and he is a classic spoiled child who never grew up. Somehow we Americans believed he should be the leader of the once was, arguably, greatest nation on Earth. We may still be the greatest nation on Earth but we are losing ground to all other civilized democratic nations. We enslaved a creed of people for over 300 years and then when they did fight and win their freedom, we subjected them to Jim Crow laws that left them still on the outside of our democracy. We didn't give women the right to vote until 1920. That was only 35 years before I was born. These are, despite being wrong policies, advancement from our initial beginnings. However, the republican party and trumps are taking us back toward those policies by treating creeds of people different than whites and putting more burdens on women that contradict equality and fairness.
     The trumps are the worst of what we hold as dear and precious. They are like the leeches on the great body politic. Yet through trickery and deceit they and their wealthy accomplices have managed the greatest theft of our American history. They had convinced us that the wealthy were the ones being harmed and that the worst off among us were the blood suckers of our democracy. This could only have happened to us Americans through us not being diligent in our knowledge and understanding of facts. In other words, we didn't think we needed to be intelligent to have an easy successful life. Well what we all should be learning is that by taking shortcuts throughout life we have left ourselves vulnerable to the nefarious nature of psychopaths who are entrenched in the republican party.
     What is even worse is that the republican party could not have pulled this deceitful trick off if they hadn't had the consent of the electorate to discriminate and punish those who didn't fit a WASP mold, (white-anglo-saxon-protestant). The republican party has found the way to bring out the worst in the voters here in America with an illogical premise of "us against them". So until we Americans see through the power hungry, working middle poor class destroying republican party's deceit, we will have a rough road ahead with the likes of trumps and the slimy scavengers that follow in their wake.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Exposing republicans for the hypocrites they are (#3021)

     Now that the worst president of the modern era is in office and he is a republican, we hear little to nothing coming from the republican party about how trump is inept and corrupt. Yet while an almost squeaky clean President Obama was daily ripped for some miniscule offense by republicans during his 8 year tenure as president. Not only are the crimes of treason and law breaking coming hard and fast at trump, because he is a republican, the republican party is silent. There are a couple of reasons for this but mainly it is because if trump is found to be impeachable it will brand the republican party for decades as incompetent to lead our nation anytime in the foreseeable future. So the strategy of republicans is to deny any wrongdoing on the part of trump while controlling the investigations of him in order to derail them.
     So the effect is republican party BEFORE nation. Yes, republicans will protect their image even if it means covering up treasonous acts. Now the republican party must come before the voters every 2 years to make their case to be elected or reelected. So it is the duty of us the voters to examine their case and decide if it is valid or not. Any nation with any sense to it at all would see through any argument republicans have for their case. They are lying in order to protect their president, they are silent about all his nefarious acts and his ineptitude. So if their case is that they are best to lead our nation I must ask what kind of nation will vote for them? Are we just as bad as they are? Will we lie, cheat and steal in order to remain in control of others? Is this who we are?
     This next round of elections in 2018 will tell the tale. The republican party has passed a bill out of the house that would deny health insurance to over 24 million needy Americans so that the wealthiest in our nation can have another tax cut that they don't need. Yes, I know it sounds like I am making this up but I am not and you can check for your self right here; If what is left of the actual thinking electorate in our nation does not punish the republican party at the voting booth for protecting a president who has it seems as many scandals attached to him as all previous presidents combined and an agenda to cripple the working middle poor class even more then we will truly know that our identity as a nation really is that of a collective lying cheating stealing brute!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Let me try to explain the need for civilization (#3020)

     In order for us not to be a chaotic species, wandering and marauding at will, we need to have a structured living environment that benefits all as a necessity to be part of. We need to have busy work for us not to become complacent and self destructive. Which is why we have our latest version of a democracy started here in America nearly 250 years ago. What is important here to remember is that having a great society that champions equality, fairness and justice we come really close to have that ideal society that benefits all. Now there are other applications to our society that need improving like less income inequality and more educational opportunities but those are minor in comparison to the overall ideal of having society based upon democratic principles.
    Without at least a satisfactorily form of society, we would find that increasing and advancing enlightenment would not happen nearly as easily or as quickly. So without a civilized approach to living together on our planet, we would probably cease to exist as a species. So the most prioritized point of being civilized is to stop us from eliminating each other over the resources here. We need to be civilized in order to continue existing. We can structure our economic and social models after democratic principles of fairness and justice without having to accept the idea that there is no greater plan for our existence. We need each other to survive and if we don't approach and apply that maxim with democracy in mind then we end up like we are today, individually in a selfish way seeking to control all with as little interference from others.
     It is why we have such a disparity in ownership of our planets resources. Too few own and control too much. There is a balance and this current status quo blew past that many decades ago. We need more to own and control our natural resources in our capitalist form of economics so that more can participate in a fair and just way. When we lose sight of why we have a civilized society while running amok chasing down all the wealth we are at a point where the civilized society is not civilized but a controlled society not by democratic principles but by selfish and greedy ones. Our society has a breaking point that is coming on quickly and where this point is reached is not absolutely known. Allowing greed to destroy that which is holding us together is like cutting your face off to spite your nose. Utterly illogical!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The French connection (#3019)

     Unlike the movie with the same title, this post isn't about drugs and smuggling. Instead it is about how an election in France is being manipulated by the same forces that allegedly manipulated the election here in America. I say allegedly with a cock sure confidence that it did happen here like it is happening in France. However, how the French are handling it is much more in tune with protecting democracy over there than it was done here in America. Albeit, the French have the benefit of seeing what happened here first. We Americans were caught unawares by not being informed by our institutions created to protect us. A collusion of sorts was in play and so far that collusion has not been fully disclosed. A process is under way but many of us feel less than comfortable that a truthful investigation will be completed since those who benefited from the collusion are the ones conducting the investigations.
     It is revealing that we now are seeing how other democracies respond to an invasion of their elections by the dominant suspect, Russia, in comparison with our own behaviors. It is not pretty, nor is it inspiring. Our nation has fallen far from the ideals of democracy with the wealthy and the dishonest leading the way. Where principles of democratic values are far secondary to those of capitalism and ego driven power capture. Our mighty American nation is so vulnerable now to losing it's democracy that the idea of it is not far fetched nor extreme. More to the point it is now somewhat expected. In the years I have been part of this nation I have never felt that we could lose our heart and soul like this. A reversal of good and right toward harsh and cruel.
     So the outside influence of our election by not only the Russian hackers but the inside job of helping them by the treasonous republican party is our reality and if there is any heart and soul left to protect our democracy the truth of this last election will have to be revealed. The French have already stifled the Russian hackers attempts to steal their democracy and later today we will see if their efforts prevailed. Unlike ours where the effect occurred and not until after the election were we as a nation told of the effect the Russians and republicans had on our ideal of believing we were part of something great.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The haters are coming next for our speech (#3018)

     I normally just call them the trumps but that is reserved for those who are the political ones. The haters are the base of the trumps and they are the ones who fuel the need to restrict and deny other humans wherever and however they can. The haters can only see the dark side of things even though in many cases the dark side is more their imagination than reality. It doesn't matter with them because they are never wrong. They are angry for their lot in life and are constantly willing to blame the others for their miserableness. I know several of these folks and it is not surprising to me that they are the way they are. They never worked hard enough nor long enough to feel a sense of accomplishment in their own lives.
     So anyone who is not them is therefore crap and can only be a despicable human being. Funny though that the haters are the ones who are crap and despicable human beings but they can only project that onto others, they cannot see it in themselves. Which begs the question what do they see as themselves? Surely it is a great person who cares about everyone...except everyone! I have tried mightily to show these certain folks the truth of what a decent human being thinks like but they are unable to get past their own prejudices and enculturation. What is even worse their hate does not allow them to understand the complexity of how we humans interact and need each other to help balance out our society based upon equality
     So for me I have given up trying to educate them with facts and truths. I just tell them to go away because I don't allow people who hate to be part of my life. I also speak out about it wherever and whenever I get a chance so naturally what do the haters want to do about not only me but many who are speaking out against the stupidity of hate as a premise? Shut us up is what they want to do. Our First Amendment is going to get some heat in the coming near future and we will see just how well the non haters like me can rebut the effort to stifle free speech. I look forward to that challenge with a vigor that will not be denied while I am alive.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Repealing Obamacare is about tax cuts for the wealthy (#3017)

     The republican party has been operating under the delusion that trickle down economics is the right policy despite all evidence that proves otherwise, So by going after the repeal of Obamacare republicans realize that there are tax savings to the wealthy approaching a trillion dollars, If republicans get what they want from Obamacare repeal in the form of that massive tax cut for the wealthy they think it will play into their hands when they propose a tax cut bill later in the legislative session. So the reason for republicans seemingly being callous toward the American people is all about tax cuts for the wealthy not the health and welfare of an entire American nation.
     This is what you got when you voted for republicans to lead our nation. A party beholden to the wealthy over all other concerns. Now I may not be the sharpest knife in the rack but even I get that many will see this for what it is well before the national election of 2018. I know that republicans know this as well so it makes me wonder just what they have planned between now and then to offset this horrible publicity nightmare? Surely it will be a manufactured setting that diverts our attention from their duplicitous actions on repealing and dismantling health care for tens of millions of Americans. Something on the order of a national crisis involving war somewhere as a pretext.
     Yes, I am accusing republicans of being liars and thieves with our blood and treasure. Nixon did it when he prolonged the war behind Johnson's back as a campaign strategy to get elected in 1968, Even though his act caused the deaths of tens of thousands of American and Vietnamese lives. This is who the republican party is, a sack of liars who will say and do anything to get elected so that they can retain the power to help their wealthy driven agenda. It is only when republicans are in power that the inequality of income gap widens because of their incessant drive to lower taxes for the wealthy and cutting programs aimed at lessening the inequality income gap for the less well off. So when the Senate takes their turn at the House bill to repeal Obamacare, remember it isn't so much about denying health care to tens of millions of Americans, it is about providing the wealthy with even more tax cuts they absolutely don't need.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Again republicans are trying to kill national health care (#3016)

     I find it not surprising that republicans are intent on destroying health care here in America. They want tax breaks for the already filthy wealthy and health care for many or all is too much a burden on the wealthy. Because the republican vision of America is survival of the fittest, although republicans use advantage and privilege to offset the real effect of survival of the fittest on themselves. Republicans are in power so they can fudge the rules to make life easy for themselves while making life harder for those who are not them. For instance, in their new health care destroying bill, they leave the preexisting conditions clause for the Congress but not for the rest of us. What is good for them is not good for us. Remember, these people who vote for this health care destroying bill work for us yet they act like we work for them. How can you justify continuing to vote for them?
     But if you do keep voting for them while they continue to abuse and use the rest of us, then a day of reckoning will come that will not be kind to republicans or their voters. Because we will shame them and you for even thinking of advocating on behalf of them. We may be slow to realize what a treasonous and diabolical party republicans are but we get there and then the consequences of republican actions will come about. Our nation is represented by our congress people, not ruled by them. The idea that republicans have taken this path of authoritarianism is regrettable but fortunately not sustainable. Like I said a day of reckoning is about to happen and if republicans are successful today in voting to kill our national health care then that day of reckoning will have arrived today!
     So it goes throughout history, oppress a people long enough and take from them that which is honest and good you will find a backlash. There is already a primed pump here in America with the dubiousness of our last national election results. Many of us are at point now where payback is already the next step to dismantling the republican regime and it's participants. Take our health care away and then watch many more come to the same point in their lives about how best to vent their anger at the republican party. I follow rules as best I can when the rules are fairly applied, but when those rules are governed to depress a class of people under another, much like the Jim Crow laws, then action is required beyond just words of exclaiming republican betrayal and disgust at their behaviors.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The courts are saving our asses! (#3015)

     When it became obvious that trump and the senate would go the way of republicans on November 8th 2016 I had that gut punched feeling unlike any I have ever had. For me the world was about to end because of the instability that was about to come crashing down on our heads from trump the dumber and his lemmings in the senate. I began to come to the realization that my life was over and that I was just living on borrowed time. I was looking for a way out of America and it's cruel and ignorant beliefs. But as a little time passed and our governor here in California made it clear that we Californians were not going to roll over to the trumps of the world I too began to smolder with resistance and determination.
     I decided that leaving my country because a minority of voters installed a man/child to be despot was not what I was destined for. I decided that staying and fighting back was my destiny and with the strength that was surrounding me here in California I solidified my future by going full attack on republican politics like never before. Since then the courts have shown themselves to be an ally that I had not considered previously. From the travel ban being denied to the anti sanctuary cities order being stopped for the most part. The courts have shown that there is no room for tyranny when balanced against the separation of powers embedded in our democracy. I am further bolstered in my resolve to fight against the trumps by the trumps inability to actually know what they are doing.
     So far the republican desired legislative route for dismantling our government has gone nowhere. The infighting among the republicans and the stalwart obstruction by our democrats has been sufficient to derail any meaningful legislation aimed at destroying equality, fairness and justice. I suppose that after many fits and starts the trumps may actually begin to figure out how to better attempt to destroy our nation but time is going by and the next national election is approximately 18 months from now so our resistance is key and our will to stand united a must if we are to stem the tide for now and then reverse it in 2018. Meanwhile the courts are there for us and am I happy they are.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

If you don't have a good vision for reality then you probably voted for trumps (#3014)

     I have found that those of us who think good things for our society almost always vote for democrats. Why? Well because we democrats, who are the party of liberal/progressives, imagine a better world for all of us not just for ourselves. We know that everyone deserves the same humanity that we all strive for. It is up to each of us to either share or contribute to humanity in ways that are positive and effective and that is what we try to do. Unlike the republican trumps who find that enriching themselves and their enablers is the most important thing to them. The difference between the democrats and the republicans could not be more clear. There is little we have in common so the choice as to which political party should be leading our nation is a direct reflection on the vision each of us has for our future.
     Which is why I have little to zero tolerance for anyone who votes for republicans. It is a selfish and me first philosophy that denigrates and segregates based upon gender and race. The republicans see themselves as servants of the wealthy so all their polices are aimed to that agenda. Whereas we democrats are less concerned with the well off and more concerned with those who are suffering often because of the wealthy and their me first attitude. We democrats are all for those who display merit and innovation as abilities and of course they should be rewarded fairly. By the same token those who work to make everything a possibility should not be the bearers of poverty nor unnecessary disadvantage.
     The more equitable society we democrats seek has all of us contributing and enjoying in the fruits of our creations. The republicans do not want that. Instead they want a society that only rewards those with advantage and privilege who if they choose may take pity on the rest of us. If republicans had their way we would not be a democracy but instead more an aristocracy that rewards only their concept of a demigod. We democrats are not such arrogant asses. We believe that no matter the color of your skin nor the gender of our race, all have the opportunity to succeed when operating on a level playing field. Not only that but we democrats reward hard work and sacrifice by whoever is doing or making it. We democrats are all in this together with the concept that we are all we will ever have of true value.

Monday, May 1, 2017

trump, the unsuccessful dictator (#3013)

     No matter what trump tries to do to impose his will on us he is finding that he has no mandate for his hateful agenda. It must irk him to no end that every time he tries to take some liberty from us he is stopped cold by either the US Constitution, the Judicial branch of our government or his own republican party, whom many are not quite as nefariously hateful as he is. So today he wants us to celebrate a national loyalty oath to him. It is what dictators do by the way. They love adulation and even more than that they love absolute power. So instead of giving him my loyalty oath, I will keep giving my loyalty oath to what is really deserving, our democracy. The trumps can go suck eggs in a closet for all I care.
     Soon they will be gone and if they try to stay without the consent of we the people they will feel the brunt and brutal response of our determined anger. So, as the so far failed little dictator tries to embolden his followers to commit atrocities for him, we will stand tall and rebuff them and their feeble attempts because when all is said and done, cowards are weak and easily subdued. That the trumps of this world would think that we Americans who are proud of our democratic heritage would ever give them a by your leave when being oppressed is becoming trumps unwelcome reality on a daily basis. He can take his little hitler manifesto for stealing a democracy and shove it up his pompous ass. His day of reckoning is not that far into our shared future and he has laid claim to his impending fate.
     I say this with a sadness that has enveloped me to no end. Our nation was duped on November 8th, 2016 and there is no denying that occurrence. Yet we can still recover from the duping and keep the damage to a minimum whilst working hard to discover the truth of the dupe and lay it bare for all to see and for the justice that protects our society from such probable treasonous acts to prevail. The days are getting shorter for the trumps and our days are getting brighter because the trumps and their acolytes are not very good at deceiving us anymore. We will crawl out of this shameful period and hopefully be more engaged in our politics because of it.