Thursday, May 4, 2017

Again republicans are trying to kill national health care (#3016)

     I find it not surprising that republicans are intent on destroying health care here in America. They want tax breaks for the already filthy wealthy and health care for many or all is too much a burden on the wealthy. Because the republican vision of America is survival of the fittest, although republicans use advantage and privilege to offset the real effect of survival of the fittest on themselves. Republicans are in power so they can fudge the rules to make life easy for themselves while making life harder for those who are not them. For instance, in their new health care destroying bill, they leave the preexisting conditions clause for the Congress but not for the rest of us. What is good for them is not good for us. Remember, these people who vote for this health care destroying bill work for us yet they act like we work for them. How can you justify continuing to vote for them?
     But if you do keep voting for them while they continue to abuse and use the rest of us, then a day of reckoning will come that will not be kind to republicans or their voters. Because we will shame them and you for even thinking of advocating on behalf of them. We may be slow to realize what a treasonous and diabolical party republicans are but we get there and then the consequences of republican actions will come about. Our nation is represented by our congress people, not ruled by them. The idea that republicans have taken this path of authoritarianism is regrettable but fortunately not sustainable. Like I said a day of reckoning is about to happen and if republicans are successful today in voting to kill our national health care then that day of reckoning will have arrived today!
     So it goes throughout history, oppress a people long enough and take from them that which is honest and good you will find a backlash. There is already a primed pump here in America with the dubiousness of our last national election results. Many of us are at point now where payback is already the next step to dismantling the republican regime and it's participants. Take our health care away and then watch many more come to the same point in their lives about how best to vent their anger at the republican party. I follow rules as best I can when the rules are fairly applied, but when those rules are governed to depress a class of people under another, much like the Jim Crow laws, then action is required beyond just words of exclaiming republican betrayal and disgust at their behaviors.

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