Saturday, May 13, 2017

Campaign finance reform (#3025)

     The trumps came about because we allow private financing of our elections. If we only allowed public financing of our elections there would be exponentially less advertising that is false or confusing. We would be electing individuals based upon their ideas, not their smear campaigns. It is a simple concept to grasp but our supposedly most august body, the US Supreme Court, would or could not understand it. Instead they choose to make private financing easier so that more of the wealthy could control the narrative of our elections. Just to go further here the US Supreme Court also allowed for easing of voter protections for the states so that republican led states were able to restrict and purge more eligible voters off the voting rolls.
     I don't think it is a stretch now to say that the US Supreme Court is not our fount of wisdom nor our defender of democracy. Nowhere can you find democrats who are willing to restrict voting beyond traditional basic parameters like age of consent or criminal activity. However everywhere you can find republicans who are willing to not only restrict voting but to have tests implemented to weed out voters that don't think like them. All of this seems to get hidden behind the relentless subjection to advertising that focuses on dividing us instead of bringing us closer together. The republican mantra of divide and conquer is their number one priority because they do not appeal to our better instincts instead the appeal to our worst natures to get their votes.
     It is obvious to many of us what is going on but too many are fooled by the republican strategy of divide and conquer. So while the truth of things get little coverage the lies and falsehoods flood the news cycle and advertising slots in our media. If the wealthy were not able to spend enormous amounts of money to deceive us we would all be better off. The truth of things would be more readily available for us to consider and that is when I do believe we are at our best as a nation. The public financing of elections is past due and until we finally get it, we will keep getting the trumps of the world instead of the statesmen/women we actually deserve. It will not be easy supplanting the wealthy as they like controlling things but we still live in a democracy and as such we the people are or should be in control.

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