Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Exposing republicans for the hypocrites they are (#3021)

     Now that the worst president of the modern era is in office and he is a republican, we hear little to nothing coming from the republican party about how trump is inept and corrupt. Yet while an almost squeaky clean President Obama was daily ripped for some miniscule offense by republicans during his 8 year tenure as president. Not only are the crimes of treason and law breaking coming hard and fast at trump, because he is a republican, the republican party is silent. There are a couple of reasons for this but mainly it is because if trump is found to be impeachable it will brand the republican party for decades as incompetent to lead our nation anytime in the foreseeable future. So the strategy of republicans is to deny any wrongdoing on the part of trump while controlling the investigations of him in order to derail them.
     So the effect is republican party BEFORE nation. Yes, republicans will protect their image even if it means covering up treasonous acts. Now the republican party must come before the voters every 2 years to make their case to be elected or reelected. So it is the duty of us the voters to examine their case and decide if it is valid or not. Any nation with any sense to it at all would see through any argument republicans have for their case. They are lying in order to protect their president, they are silent about all his nefarious acts and his ineptitude. So if their case is that they are best to lead our nation I must ask what kind of nation will vote for them? Are we just as bad as they are? Will we lie, cheat and steal in order to remain in control of others? Is this who we are?
     This next round of elections in 2018 will tell the tale. The republican party has passed a bill out of the house that would deny health insurance to over 24 million needy Americans so that the wealthiest in our nation can have another tax cut that they don't need. Yes, I know it sounds like I am making this up but I am not and you can check for your self right here; https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/5/3/15531494/american-health-care-act-explained. If what is left of the actual thinking electorate in our nation does not punish the republican party at the voting booth for protecting a president who has it seems as many scandals attached to him as all previous presidents combined and an agenda to cripple the working middle poor class even more then we will truly know that our identity as a nation really is that of a collective lying cheating stealing brute!

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