Monday, May 22, 2017

I remain steadfast in my approach to non liberal/progressive voters (#3034)

     I still have no time in my life for those who would support trumps and their policies. I don't care who it is, close family or distant friend, their is no acknowledgement that you even exist. I am harsh that way but it is because I will not coddle nor put up with those who would support a republican party that discriminates against people of color, looks upon our mighty beautiful women as a sub class of humans and who think that the poor chose to be so. Why would I even consider associating with anyone who would make the republican party's policies the status quo? There is but one solid weapon I have against the many ignorant who are otherwise good people until they start thinking they know things that don't exist, and that is me.
     My presence, or lack thereof, in their lives is their reward or punishment. If they choose to want to help the working middle poor class instead of making life harder then they get to stay in my life. If they don't then they get nothing from me not even a recognition that they exist. I know it isn't much of an incentive or punishment but it is the only one I can control absolutely. There are too many people going through too many hardships this and every moment for me to ever forget what the republican party and their ignorant voters are making to happen. I am principled that way. I know many like me who know in our hearts that living a more virtuous life is not some dream but whatever reality we can make it. Sure the cynics out there know that they can get away with things instead of being honorable people but that is their choice, not mine nor like minded folks.
     We are the best of what humans can be when we see ourselves as all equals in whatever path we choose to take. The idea that some of us have the gall to place objections on others or obstruct their lives simply based upon their own unreal personal concept of reality, is despicable. This is what the republican party does. It takes it's own concept of reality which is not real and attempts to make the rest of us a supplicant to it. Whether through hardship or hate, they don't care. So if you choose to continue to support the worst of what humanity is by voting for republicans then don't ever expect to hear from or see me.

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