Friday, May 26, 2017

Montanans fail the test (#3038)

     It is not as if Montanans didn't try, it is just that when the trying was done it still fell short of showing a decency that could have easily been expressed. They voted for the republican to represent them in Congress even though the republican backed the trump agenda. Now I know that less of them backed last night's candidate (8%) than did in November of last year for trump (20%), but given how much the trumps are destroying our nation I had hoped a majority of Montanans would have been less ignorant. Still though given the voting record of Montana as a deep red state some improvement toward enlightenment was shown.
     Yet there is little to celebrate other than the fact that a tide is coming in a backlash to trump and republican politics. While nothing much has changed since the House seat was already a republican one before the election and that the next general election will be here in less than 18 months, the feel of a Democratic wave is nonetheless real. I have been around politics long enough to know that it isn't common for our electorate to get it all at once. But the encouragement from Montana's failure to break the republican held seat is that it took a lot more effort than normally required for the republican to hold it. That is our encouragement. Folks are starting to see that the republican party is not for the working middle poor class.
     So on we go to California, (June 6th), Georgia and South Carolina (June 20th) for the next round of congressional special elections. No doubt the first democratic win will come on June 6th, as for Georgia and South Carolina they could be too close to call on their election night. But if the trend toward anti trump and anti republican policies continues we could be more than happy come June 21st. Always tricky though and the republicans will spend their millions on hiding their destructive nature and instead try to turn us against ourselves. We will see what the results will be but as long as republicans keep working against our interests the more many of us will stop supporting them. Let's hope the democratic wave finally hits this month.

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