Thursday, May 18, 2017

My anger at republicans is real and justified! (#3030)

     If anyone at all knows me they can easily tell that I have little regard for those who are bad people. I don't tolerate them in my real life nor my Internet life. I tell it like it is without anyone's consent to how I do the telling. I am as real as it gets. Yet I do reserve myself at times in order to make sure that my anger is really justified. I have spent my more than 6 decades being a less than person to the republican party in their eyes. I don't know about you, but I was hurt by that at the beginning. However I have since grown in maturity and wisdom and can now see that their judgment of me was based upon factors that are not equal nor fair. So it has caused a change in me. Not only am I angry at them for being the worst of what Americans should see themselves as but I am angry at them for making me feel ashamed of myself.
     So when I go off on them without reservation to language or intent, it is because they have earned my wrath. For one thing, it isn't about what they do to just me. It is about what they do to all of us as a general rule. The most dishonest greedy political party ever to have gained a foothold into American politics is in control right now. They have aimed their long sought after agenda of killing off our middle class and corrupting our voting process so much that already too many eligible voters have been denied the vote because of republican restrictive policies,  With republicans in control in many states the right to vote has been cut through fear and strongman tactics.
     So again when I go off on a rant of epic proportions it isn't because I am a feckless individual looking to draw attention to myself. No, it is because I am so angry at what is happening that I cannot fathom the idea of not screaming at the top of my lungs the treason to democracy that republicans are allowed to manufacture with impunity. I don't care for the value of my own life if the world I have to live in requires me to accept this current republican vision. Like our fore/parents who fought all sorts of attacks on our democracy with all they had to save it, I too am not settling for the worst of who our species are in the form of republicanism, and I damn well will let her rip when calling republicans out!

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